A developer shouldnt rely on modders to make their game playable, fun or interesting

Despite being one of the most popular video game releases of the year, Starfield is already getting a lot of backlash in the four days since it has been out. The highly anticipated space RPG from Bethesda was finally launched into orbit on September 6, and naturally, the title has taken over the entire gaming galaxy, for better or worse. Leading up to its awaited release, the developer claimed that its latest title will be a “modder’s paradise.”

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ApocalypseShadow1d 17h ago (Edited 1d 17h ago )

PC is an interesting place for modding and weird. Gamers have definitely made many games better by adding better textures, better character models, animation, adding features that weren't there or even creating new stories.

But it's also embarrassing that the companies that make the games couldn't be bothered to make the best damn games they can right out the gate. They are the ones that have the high budgets. Should be a given. Nope. It's gamers that have to show the way and how it's done.

Like I said, interesting and weird. If that's the case, these developers should be paying the gamers.

BlackDoomAx19h ago

They don't. They don't even need to finidh it, or to make it work properly. They just need to hype it before launch and hope enough people will buy it. Rinse and repeat every year.

anast17h ago

Modders are passionate artists and Bethesda abuses this. Like I said, they should make an RPG maker game, it would be less sleazy of them.

Black-Helghast9h ago

name it Bethesda Game maker and give us all the tools of ES I - V & Fallout 1 - 4. they can even give us New Vegas & starfield tools as a DLC. I'm telling you, they'd make billions.

PRIMORDUS8h ago(Edited 8h ago)

Maybe the bulk of our money spent on games for PC should go to the modders. I mean, they release games that are not ready, and leave it to modders to fix them, and some like Starfield leave options out like HDR and DLSS. I'm losing respect for most PC developers lately.