An Update on the Release of XDefiant from Mark Rubin

An update on the release of XDefiant from Mark Rubin!

GoodGuy091d 2h ago

Been real hungry for a more simple multiplayer fps for a long time. I really dislike all the hero shooters we keep getting. I'll definitely give this a shot and if it ends up crap then it ends up crap.

OMGitzThatGuy16h ago

How broken is the game when Sony and MS failed certification? And they still think it may fail and planning on a day 1 patch, somebody was slacking.

Nitrowolf215h ago(Edited 15h ago)

He literally came out to clarify that this is very standard of a process for a game to be denied the first cert. They're just giving a update to the people waiting and explaining what's going on

Dazelya14h ago

They were too late to do this. Also, the beta versions of the game were absolutely a disaster, if they are like this at launch, they will destroy themselves without the need for CoD anyway. Besides, it is an extremely negative thing that the game was rejected by Sony or MS or both during quality control, and that is why they waited so long to announce it. Moreover, there is still a chance of being rejected again.

What I wonder is, at what point did people love Mark so much? Many years ago, when Mark was working in CoD teams, people were swearing at him. Now, it really surprises me that Mark has his defenders. People either forget things very easily, or younger generations are not very aware of Mark's past...

boing110h ago

Well, yeah but not really. The problem is you set certification for a specific date, and then you have to deliver something mostly working to get a cert. However, often times first cert is set too soon, because you start doing it before the game is actually ready, so the process is mostly used to see how much effort it would still require to deliver something passable on second cert, because you get a nice report after the first one. It's absolutely possible to deliver on first cert. You do not deliver if you're way behind with development.

PunksOnN4G10h ago

TBH the last beta the shooting and aiming was bad on console it was really bad

Killa7815h ago

The game has pretty bad issues in the open beta. It's a shame because a f2p proper fps is needed at the moment.

Muigi15h ago

This is why people still buy Cod