Battleborn Player Count Begins to Flatline

Since May, the player base for Gearbox's new first-person shooter Battleborn has dwindled to almost nothing.

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Scatpants2621d ago

I knew this was going to happen with this game from the first video I saw of it. How can these devs not tell that what they're making is something no one wants?

naruga2621d ago (Edited 2621d ago )

i totally agree ..i could tell even fromthe first trailer that it was another ultra generic and uninspired sci fi FPS ..but to be honest exactly the same is Overwatch too (maybe a bit better) and i wonder how it met so much success and millions still playing it

kaizokuspy2621d ago

Overwatch is polished, flyid, deep team based composition, highly competitive following, and fun regardless of skill. It was definitely marketed better and the open beta was smoother than battleborn as well. If millions still play a game, then it's just simply fun or more enjoyable than that of its competitors

Lonnie182621d ago

I agree, should have focused of Borderlands 3!

Lonnie182621d ago

"Furthermore, the $60 price tag was a bit steep for a mostly multiplayer game" Um look at Overwatch!

Tankbusta402621d ago

I really think the focus on the MOBA aspect really hurt it. MOBAs have a unique player base that is almost limited to PC users and as the author concluded those are free to play games. I played the beta on Ps4 and it would have been a MUCH better game if it were just a diverse shooter imho

iceman062621d ago

That was the risk. The MOBA, right now, is the cash cow that some developers are chasing...hard. Gearbox saw all of that cash that games like LoL and DoTA was getting and thought that they could capitalize on and add to that popularity by bringing that to consoles. IMO, people expected more Borderlands and less MOBA. They didn't get that and the game suffered as a result.

Kreisen2621d ago

Truth is Overwatch was a success becouse of Blizzard. If the tables were turned and Battleborn was from Blizz youd see the same kind of hype and numbers behind it as you see now for Overwatch.
Look at Diablo 3, it sold over 10mil copies on pc alone yet other top down rpgs struggled to sell even a mil. Path of Exile, which was considered one of the biggest out there never even reached over 500k players.

Snakefist302620d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

I feel like this will be another F2p game!