Blood-infused Killing Floor 3 promises loads, but shows very little | GAMESCOM PREVIEW (

Enthusiastic developers told us about new Zeds, new mods, new engine, new everything, but showed us very little of the actual game. Our short Gamescom meeting gave us perspective on the upcoming title through many interesting, but very hesitant answers from the developers.

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Number1TailzFan10d ago

Graphically it looks quite nice. And I believe this is the first time they're using a new engine rather than a previous one.

Gunplay always felt really good with the KF games. My only complaint with this game and similar ones like L4D is that they become too predictable after a bit, so it gets quite boring. If the game doesn't have AI learning then at least give the enemies more methods of attacking players.

VS mode didn't work in KF2 because the game and enemies weren't designed for it from the start, that's what happens when it's tacked on and also takes place in an arena, it just becomes a camping game. Game mode wise I would prefer regular survival mode and one or two others, like a coop campaign and something else, but if they add VS it's gotta be done right from the beginning.