Bobby Kotick insults every indie developer on the planet... except Bungie

Bobby Kotick has dismissed the likes of Valve, Epic, Ninja Theory, Level-5, Insomniac, Foundation 9, Gearbox, Sucker Punch, Rebellion and Terminal Reality - by calling Bungie the "last remaining high quality independent developer" in the world. Yep. Wow.

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FENDR4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

first this douche bag wants to charge for cut-scenes now he has the nerve to insult some of the best developers in the game industry

dangert124740d ago

There goes there chance of partnership with other companies
EA/THQ Partners
and who the hell does this guy think he is?
Would it hurt he feelings if i told him he ain't been getting money off me at all WAW 2nd hand MW1 2nd hand
MW2 lol mw2? (no purchase at all) Black ops (wind blows)

dangert124740d ago

Truth is showing more and more everyday this guy has never been a gamer NEVER,All of the devs he has dissed haved put together a better Story for there games then Halo Every single one of them dont get me wrong i loved halo's multiplayer but a true quality Dev Shows quality around the board not on one half of it

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outrageous4740d ago

What a have to give it him he sure knows how to keep an audience...LOL. He wasn't insulting anybody just trying to prop up his big deal with one the worlds best devs in Bungie. He didn't mention any other devs...LMFAO. The article assumes to much...what a surprise.

BTW...he mentions that Bungie is making a MMO ( I thought they were making a RPG...O_o ) and that's why they went with Acti-Bliz for the experience they have with WOW.

spacetattoo4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

STFU, U need to just crash your car into a tree at hundred miles per hour. It would make headlines, more sales . I think this is a great idea. GO for it!

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Shaymin4740d ago

It should be the other way around

Every Indie devolper on the planet insults bobby kotick...
except Bungie

JsonHenry4740d ago

So Actiblizzard is going to try and buy up Bungie?

units4740d ago

bungie wont allow for themselves to be bought

Jinxstar4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

It's already confirmed that they were wasn't it?

Or did that deal get canceled or something. Was big news a few weeks ago...

GarandShooter4740d ago

@ Jinx

That's a publishing deal for a new IP, not taking ownership of Bungee.

Jinxstar4740d ago

Ok. I guess I just kinda feel that Bungie is a smaller studio when compared to like Treyarch and would have a tough time working on more then 1 IP at a time anyway so... I guess it doesn't matter though. Kotick is a tool though. I understand little about the difference of ownership. Acti will own the only IP bungie will be making for some time so.... Anyway doesn't matter. Game on all...

BloodyNapkin4740d ago

Why shouldn't he trash talk every indie dev.

1)He is a honest person
2)He is concerned about the consumer and not money.
3)He publishes quality products year in and year out.

I mean what else does anyone want from this guy. Ok i have had enough of sarcasm i can not take it anymore. I hope he burns in H3LL.....

nycredude4740d ago

Blood Napkin

How can he burn in hell when he is the devil!

How else can you explain Activision making so much money when all they do is rip people off and recycle the same shit over and over. This guy either sold his soul to the devil or is the devil himself!

Rush4740d ago

I think am going to chop of my own dick, I don't want my kids growing up in a world where this man exists.

jadenkorri4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

wait wait wait wait wait wait....wwwwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa atttt?

.... ok

not to make fun, but Bungies portfolio is this:

wow a lot of games bungie has, 1 game, that's it, and several sequels. I really don't want to get into any other arguments on this. But using the same engine over, well practice makes perfect I guess.

pustulio4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

I hope Bungie breaks the contract when they realize they partnered with the worst publisher ever.


Sir oh my god you're an idi.... Thanks for showing us how much of a PS3 fantard you are.

Bungie started as Mac/PC developer then went to consoles and then they did Halo.

No way near Halo is the only thing they have done.

sigt4740d ago

Make sure you do it: Like A Boss!!!

ilikecookies4740d ago

Bungie's portfolio consists of Halo 1,2,3, ODST, Reach, Myth 1, and 2, ONI, Maraton 1, and Marathon 2. So what are you talking about?

Millah4740d ago

Did you guys catch the end where it said Kotick wants to repackage cutscenes from a video game, only containing the cutscenes from the game, and sell it as $30 movies.

That seriously made me laugh. Really hard. What a cockbag.

jadenkorri4740d ago

@ above


my point is that Bungie in the last 10 years has only produced Halo, nothing new and exciting, where as other companies have produced different IP's. Remaking the same game over 5 times, does not make you the best developer ever.

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number474740d ago

1. Game Quality
2. Innovation..

so why is anyone bothering to complain about what this one moron says?

The only thing Bobby knows, is sales. In his eyes, im sure since bungie develops games thats advertising budgets cost more than, Bungie is the only quality dev out.

MagicAccent4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

That would be like...
I dunno, an asshole that has no experience of the medium, representing a company that is counter productive to what he advocates and delivers praise for and that can't even live up to half a percentage of, would compare himself, and even raise himself above those who fuel the market compedatively to make sure consumers get the best possible experience from the product, relying on feedback from those consumers in order too keep that compedative egde.
Instead trying create some sort of zombieminded monopolized market in order to forcefeed consumers with recycled bullcrap, and rather than trying to forward the medium, cannibalise it from within untill nothing but the shell remains.

But I-- Wait, that's exactly what he did! What an asshole!

mastiffchild4740d ago

He doesn't play games. He doesn't know about games. His opinion is worthless PR BS and offensive, stupidly, to may companies he might actually want to work with in the future. How would this sit with, say, Insomniac or Crytek should they be looking for a publisher for a project in the near future? EA and Acti might both be interested when EA pull out this to show Ted P:rice or whoever? Not bright, imho.

Bungie themselves would wince at this kind of nonsense. Having spoken too a few guys who work(or worked) there I know most of them to be humble guys with masses of respect for a lot of other developers and they would, to a man, be appalled by this statement. Christ, I was hoping it was taken out of context but sadly there was no reading between the lines or naughty reporting going and Kotick really is insisting on talking about things from a position of almost complete ignorance. His co0mapny showed what a caring company they are by mistreating IW to the point they dissolved their own cash cow creators.

Get this man out of gaming before he slashes and burns his way through our industry making dev after dev fall out of love with the process of making games. Every word he utters seems to ask me not to buy anything with Activision on it as I really don't want any of my money in his pocket when he clearly couldn't care less if gaming was even here in five years time. By then he'll be onto his next victim, squeezing the fun and creativity out of that and not give the corpse of gaming a second look. We use3d to think EA were greedy and uncaring but Activision under Kotick have taken it to a totally new low.

Why would he insult so much talent that he himself might have to work with? Don't Activision own a sodding muzzle anyway? If they buy Bungie, sadly, I really fear for their future under this ignorant tosspot.

FACTUAL evidence4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

Bobby kotex is on his period.

solar4740d ago

this guy is just one of many that is wrong with gaming today. creative freedom is gone to make the almighty dollar, shovelware it is!!! i miss the good ol days :(

PS360PCROCKS4740d ago

shaymin, your avatar photo is perfect as the first comment on this story lol

ilikecookies4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

please delete

ozps34740d ago

What this kn06 says, its only words anyway, and doesn't make it real

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ZBlacktt4740d ago

It's tolate to stop buying his games. He's already owned 100 million COD fans, lol..... The Devil wins.

acky14739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

but in leaving out the word "probably" in his statement a whole different picture is painted. He didn't insult any developers at all. Why the slant on his quote. If activision have just made a deal with bungie for a 'new action universe' of course he is going to be praising them highly.

I know people hate him for his track record and money grabbing ideas but this story has no basis at all. Utter tripe and flaimbate.