Borderlands 2 in development, confirms Gearbox

Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford has confirmed that a sequel to Borderlands is in the works.

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TXIDarkAvenger4598d ago

Yes, Borderlands 2!
The first one was great and really fun to play with friends.

Istanbull4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )


I loved Borderlands! It was refreshing and different than all those other games coming out in the holiday season. It had this amazing atmosphere, great characters and guns.

After Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, Batman: AA, Street Fighter 4, this was one of the best games of 2009.

The only thing they need to fix is the story and using all of the game's locations equally. Borderlands 1 had 50% of the game setting in the first few regions while it had 10 times more.

mushroomwig4598d ago

I agree with you mostly, Borderlands was fun but it quickly became reptitive.

I also hope they focus more on a story in the sequel, the first game doesn't really make an effort to keep your interest in who your enemy is or even what's in the vault. I just couldn't care, I was having more fun playing the side missions with some friends.

AntoineDcoolette4598d ago

I hope that ALIEN Colonial marines comes out before Borderlands 2 and that its good

Op244598d ago

The one thing that pissed me off about Borderlands is that there was NOTHING in the vault. I was hoping to see like miles of weapons!

Eyeco4598d ago

i invested allot of time in to borderlands, i think i had the most powerful gun in the game seriously it would kill EVERYTHING in one shot including the final boss, but there was something about it, it just lacked an overall personality.

NewZealander4598d ago

@nickjcal i wish i didnt read that, i got boarderlands for xmas and haven't got all that far yet, not that the story is of any interest but now i know not to get my hopes up about the vault contents.


Op244598d ago

@ New Zealander. My bad. Don't worry there's enough weapons in the game to find that you'll never get bored of it. And you'll have fun getting to the vault too...or maybe you'll get pissed off. One of the two lol. That last level is a bitch.

snipes1014597d ago

@New actually, its not that theres nothing in the Vault, you dont even make there in time to open it because it only opens every 200 years. So there may still be a surprise in the second game for you. I just ruined the plot more but honestly it will not detract from your experience at all due to its insignificance. Fact.

kancerkid4597d ago

I love loot. I love Borderlands. Enough said.

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joydestroy4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

automatic PC game right here.
had Borderlands on PS3 and they were never able to fix voice chat. was so disappointed in that

LiViNgLeGaCY4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

Really? I never had a problem with it.

SuperStrokey11234598d ago

I played borderlands tonnes with my friends and never once had an issue with voice chat...

Enate4598d ago

It came and went sometimes but I to had the voice chat issue. Still managed to Platinum the game though loved it. I also have a PC though and I wish borderlands loaded like it does on my PC on my PS3. Though I still loved playing it on both.

akiraburn4598d ago

I have it on PS3, and I really enjoyed it and definitely can't wait to see the sequel. However while it's a lot of fun, I have had a lot of mic issues as well with my friends. Unless someone with a really solid connection is the host, it seems to give really choppy voice connections. This was still happening for me up through the last time I played, which was only about two weeks ago. In addition to that, my old mic (Plantronics Explorer 320) only seemed to work half the time, and would tend to have many issues only with this game.

The other downside for me, was the long load times I was experiencing, which have been slightly remedied since I installed a new HDD (WD Caviar Black, 7200rpm, 16MB cache). The increased speed on the drive, as well as the larger cache seems to benefit the load times and texture pop-ins by a significant amount, making gameplay smoother even. I can't be certain, but it may have even helped stabilize some of the dropped frames and issues like that I was having. I would imagine that most of these issues will be taken care of and many other features will be added with the next game.

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BeOneWithTheGun4598d ago

I know i am in the minority here, but i just cannot stand cell shading. It was a fun game and a hoot to play but man, that cartoony look just really drags the visuals down imo.

JeffGUNZ4598d ago

I agree, this is great news.

Personally, Borderlands was one of my favorite games this entire generation.

superrey194598d ago

LOVED Borderlands. Ending was crap though lol

badz1494598d ago

just like Batman AA. the fight in the sewer and the last fight was a HUGE disappointment!

Parasyte4597d ago

This will most definitely be a pre-order for me. I absolutely loved the first one and I still play it.

The only thinks I would like to see in the second one would be better character and weapon customization and a more focused story.

doa7664597d ago

I guess I'll have to play the first one, I bought it when it came out and never felt like start playing it

always seemed like a second rate Fallout with no VATS

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Never got round to playing the first maybe because none of my mates bought it and didn't want to play it on my own.... might pick this one up when it's out

macezhno4598d ago

i bought the game on the first day and just bought the GotY edition a few days. so that i can play on both of my PS3s one in the living room and one in my room. my cousins love this game. and the DLC is the perfect (no horse armor/ over priced maps).

lastdual4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

Great news, but please, finish Aliens: Colonial Marines first. I want to play that game before 2020...

Reborn4598d ago

More Borderlands!
I loved the first one. It kept me, and my friends, playing for a long time.

Shok4598d ago (Edited 4598d ago )

Yes! I was hoping for this. The first was awesome and unique, something most first-person games aren't