Days of Play 2023 sale kicks off on June 2

Save on PlayStation Plus memberships

Start, renew, or extend your PlayStation Plus membership during Days of Play at a discount. Get access to quality titles, from Monthly Games, to Game Trials, to the compelling Game Catalog and Classics Catalog with hundreds of blockbusters and classics to choose from – depending on the plan you choose.

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VersusDMC106d ago

Now is the time to get yearly ps plus at 25% off, people.

closed_account106d ago

Yep, my PS+ expires next week, so I knew Days of Play would be hitting very soon!

I'll be downgrading from Premium though to either Extra or Essential. I had upgraded to Premium as a test during Black Friday sale, but found that I just don't have time to fully appreciate it these days. More of a personal problem I guess. :P

VersusDMC106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Yeah even at just an extra 20 a year its not worth it for me. Specially since i get access to the playstation classics that i purchased back in the ps3 era without premium when they are released on PS5.

outsider1624106d ago

Extra is perfect tbh. I just don't see the value of premium.

FinalFantasyFanatic105d ago

Guess I'll get a top off, I'm already a year or two ahead in my subscription.

ocelot07106d ago

My ps+ runs out in June as well good timing.


will be adding another year to my PlayStation plus i always worth getting it when a sale is on.

Magog106d ago

I got GoW Ragnarok for $27 on cdkeys if anyone is looking for a deal

purple101106d ago

That's good. But I plan to buy boxed £40. Sell for £20. Then both myself and a friend can enjoy it for less than digital cost.

DivineHand125106d ago

This is a good find. I doubt God of war will be anywhere near this price during the sale.

DaReapa106d ago

Yes, I got that deal last weekend, too.

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