Developer Explains Why Starfield NPCs Look Like They’re Dead Inside

Playing Starfield and wondering why the NPCs look like they’re dead inside? One developer reckons they’ve worked out why.

MrDead1d 10h ago

The game is f**k ugly, not just the faces, flat blurry textures everywhere.
Here are some random pics of what it looks like on PC, I'm running it at 4k high settings with DLSS mod.

MrDead14h ago

Why? I paid £80 for a game in 2023, I expect a game that is optimised and doesn't look like a blurry ugly mess.

7h ago
InUrFoxHole6h ago

No. Let that man do him. It's adorable

343_Guilty_Spark5h ago

All they know is hate.

Game doesn’t have character models look as detailed and rich as say Horizon but to call the game ugly is wild.

fr0sty4h ago

Game doesn’t have character models look as detailed and rich as say Horizon (on PS4) but to call the game ugly is wild. - Fixed

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7h ago
Eonjay7h ago

Well since you are playing on PC and already using mods, check out the new texture mod.

andy857h ago(Edited 7h ago)

Shouldn't have to use a mod to fix a brand new game. It's 2023, games shouldn't release with Xbox 360 textures

jeromeface6h ago

you do know dlss makes things blurry, right?

MrDead4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

It looks blurry because they didn't set the negative mipmap bias which is required to avoid blurry textures... which has been fixed by this mod

badz1492h ago

do you even know what DLSS is?

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Elda7h ago

The guy in the pic on the right is from Tim & Eric's Awesome Show.

Kaii6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

Gameplay aside, Creation Engine doesn't need tweaking, It REQUIRES overhaul (which was said multiple times when FO4 shadow dropped).

I don't want the next Elder Scrolls running on this obsolete engine, peace out. :p

Aussiesummer6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

Oh you know it will.

zeuanimals4h ago

Yup. Can't wait to be told about an amazing, bustling city in TES:VI just to find it's a few buildings and a wall cause they're still lugging around an engine that can't handle anymore than that. Meanwhile, I just replayed The Witcher 3 and Novigrad is literally big enough to get lost in for weeks, just doing stuff. I forgot there was a whole open world outside those walls.

Stanjara6h ago

The game is heavily outscored which is evident in a 45 minute end credit role.

There are about 27 companies that are mostly situated in Ukraine, Vietnam and India.

I would be surprised if Bethesda did more than a concept art for this game.

It just works.

Aussiesummer6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

Man what an ugly mess of a game, zero hope for the next elder scrolls.

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