Developer: Gearbox lied to SEGA, 2K over Colonial Marines

It's fair to say the Aliens: Colonial Marines story has been a fascinating one. From the years of hype, to the negative reviews, to the later confusion over who actually developed the game, there's a lot of mystery and controversy afoot. Here's Destructoid to add a little more.

We've recently been chatting with a developer who -- as you might have guessed -- wishes to remain anonymous. Under this condition, he agreed to let us publish the things he's witnessed personally and learned from fellow project members in the time he spent working on Colonial Marines.

Our man was involved with the game only briefly, between 2007 and 2008, but in just that short time he had some interesting reading for us. If his words are indeed to be believed, they further fuel the suggestion that Colonial Marines was increasingly sidelined for more "important" projects.

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rodiabloalmeida3857d ago

Not so hard to tell, considering the actual results.

nrvalleytime3857d ago

Sad, but true. This thing crashed harder than every android in the Alien series.

zerocrossing3857d ago

This whole thing looks bad for all concerned, If the rumours are to be believed Sega got screwed over pretty bad too, wouldn't be surprised to see a lawsuit happening against Gearbox.

SilentNegotiator3857d ago

If SEGA cares anything about what they're putting money into, they would have checked on the game.

Both SEGA and Gearbox deserve to feel the pain of this one.

wallis3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

You're wrong.

Sega don't have to care. Sega aren't artists they're publishers and they're there to make money. These are accountants, lawyers etc. who are waking up and going to work to generate an income for themselves and the economy. They signed a contract with gearbox - their side of the bargain is to provide marketing and some funding and gearbox's side of the bargain is to make a game.

I know this is hard for a lot of gamers to understand but this is a business. Sega signed a God damned contract with gearbox to design the game. Do you know what a contract is? It isn't a pinky promise. These guys should be able to trust a multi-million dollar game development company (who've just FINISHED a title) to actually make the damn game they've been signed to make. Sega should not have to expect such a legally binding process to be bypassed and they deserve to sue gearbox into the God damned ground.

I lost forty bucks over this affair and I'm annoyed... if I lost the sort of money Sega has lost on this I would beat Randy Pitchford to death while screaming "NERVE SOFTWARE? THE GUYS WHO MADE THE DOOM 3 EXPANSION PACK!? YOU DIDN'T THINK WE'D NOTICE!?? REALLY!??"

SilentNegotiator3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

What part of caring about WHAT THEY PUT THEIR MONEY INTO didn't you understand? If they let their contracted developers put out garbage, they lose money.

***YOU*** don't understand business if you think SEGA should just "trust" developers to make good products every time with good direction. Any developer can make a crap game and give false expectations and still fulfill their contract.

kungfuian3857d ago

when this game's sales tank, as they should, wouldn't be surprised to see some type of legal action against them from sega.

BanBrother3857d ago

Oh definitely. This guy said that when Gearbox first started working on it in 2007, the development team for Aliens: CM kept getting smaller and smaller, as they were pushed over to help with Borderlands 1, WHILST Gearbox still was collecting money from SEGA, and lying about the actual number of people on the job.

If SEGA can prove this, which I'm sure they will be able to with a lot of employees coming forward, this will be a large lawsuit against Gearbox.

Funny, this whole time, even before Borderlands 1, Gearbox were being shifty. This is another Lance Armstrong fall from grace kind of thing. I am not angry, I am just disappointed and sad. Gearbox have tainted their image, and SEGA was treated unfairly.

We can only imagine when the inevitable lawsuit comes forward.

MrWonderful3857d ago

someone should file a class action lawsuit

NYC_Gamer3857d ago

It's sad how Gearbox lied and then tricked hardcore fans into buying some mediocre piece of garbage

WeskerChildReborned3857d ago

And then saying "we needed to sell it", if they knew the game was shit they should have scraped it instead of lying to their consumers and making Aliens Colonial Marines into a cashgrab.

Kingscorpion19813857d ago

Its not even Mediocre its worse.

ZombieNinjaPanda3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

While the game isn't good by any means, it's not as terrible as you people are making it out to be and it is playable. But I agree they need to face the repercussions.

MysticStrummer3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Hell just the fact that it's a movie license game makes it better than all the whiners say. All the talk about lawsuits is really hilarious. Here's a tip... how about you don't base your purchase decision on a really old demo, real or not? I bought the game based on a livestream I saw a week before release, and I like it just fine. I knew exactly what I was getting and I'm not letdown at all. It could and should have been better after all this time, but it's fun to shoot aliens ( and to play as one online ) so I'll enjoy that and hopefully someone will eventually do the license justice. Expectations kill fun.

Its9000orMore3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

@MysticStrummer The "gameplay" demo was shown only a few months ago in October. It contained Randy Pitchford spewing out a lot of BS showing off graphics and gameplay that was misleading and not representative in the least of the final product.

"...and I like it just fine. I knew exactly what I was getting and I'm not letdown at all."

You must have extremely low standards. If you really aren't phased by developers lying to and misleading consumers, then that really shows your true character.

"Expectations kill fun."

Developers that lie to consumers and put out a crappy game kill fun.

theWB273857d ago

Will Gearbox make it to next gen? Severely tainted image..

RememberThe3573857d ago

This is really messed up if true but really most people wont know anything about this and since Boarderlands is established and frankly, hella fun, it'll probably do fine.

Hardscore fans or people that were burned by Colonial Marines might still be pissed but when your talking about a game that movies millions of units a couple hundred people aren't really that important.

3-4-53857d ago

They just sealed their fate.

New Gaming Generation is the best / easiest time for new companies to get in the mix and thus make liars like Gearbox obsolete.

theWB273857d ago

IKR...I didn't even care for Borderlands but still don't like to see the potential for this to happen. People losing jobs over bad would have been so much more respectable if he layed low before release knowing it wasnt going to be very good.