Do We Even Need PS5 Pro or Xbox Series X Pro?

The quicker-than-expected uptake of 4K and HDR-capable TV sets drove demand for mid-gen upgrades for PS4 and Xbox One. Is the same need there for PS5 Pro and XSX Pro?

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Jin_Sakai10h ago(Edited 10h ago)

Do we need it? Probably not but it’s nice to have the option for better looking/performing games and enhanced RT.

PrimeVinister10h ago

If it was the same price or only slightly more expensive, I would consider trading in the OG PS5. But I would probably be more interested in just the Slim model, or if the Pro was a bit smaller than the OG.

A bit like how Xbox One X was quite a svelte piece of kit compared to the 1980s VCR of OG Xbox One as well as able for 4K and HDR.

darthv729h ago

Options are always a good thing to have.

-Foxtrot9h ago(Edited 9h ago)

I’m sorry but no

Developers can’t even take advantage of what we have at the minute and still feel they have a pinky finger wrapped around last gen

The options would be meaningless as they wouldn’t be able to take advantage of those either, especially having to think about the base Gen consoles

Also skipping a mid-gen console will allow people to be more taken back with next gen and how good it looks without the whole “preview show”

Rude-ro6h ago

I believe we should get a performance ps5 more than a pro.
1440p @ 120fps with monitor support such as Ultrawide displays and for the fps enthusiast or those that want the far superior performance over 4K resolution.
With software cheating being as bad as it is on pc in popular games…
Would be nice to have a console step into its place for pc/monitor setups.

LonDonE6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

NO just no - how about the give us a sleak version instead and which is better with heat or how about they create a version which has proper legs so it can sit properly horizontally or how about they give us a version which has actual vent holes over the fan like the black face plates you can buy - i swear this is a joke they have not even taken advantage of the power we currently have properly vs throwing another piece of tech - so they have vr and pro pad and then the new pad for streaming - yet the actual base console is designed poor - look up the usb ports and hd ports on the back breaking due to heat out the rear - the console needs a revision but not with power but sleak and less heat etc this is the first gen i have had to buy those face plates with vent holes and a rear fan and also legs so it has clearance for heat - now the ps5 is super cool but should of been designed better with regards to heat and the ports at the back breaking due to heat - sony usually build great tech but the ps5 has been a downgrade - does not look very good looking and over heats and cant even sit properly horizontally as the stand included is trash

lelo2play5h ago

PS5 Pro or Xbox Series X Pro would delay next gen consoles.
They should release next gen consoles in 2026-2027 and forget about the Pro consoles.

Einhander19722h ago

Next gen is just going to be a more powerful console anyways...

neutralgamer19925h ago

Have we seen any game take advantage of current consoles? So why do we need even better consoles when developers can’t take advantage of the current ones

blackblades4h ago

Do we need another one of these articles saying do we need another pro? NO

Obscure_Observer4h ago

"Probably not but it’s nice to have the option for better looking/performing games and enhanced RT"

Bs propaganda! 4090 can´t even run current gen games at native 4k/30fps! Why would anyone want a new pro console which will most definitely perform even worse than 4080?

Nintentional2h ago

Switch over here releasing bangers like TotK and Pikmin 4 on something weaker than your smartphone. We don’t need a more powerful Xbox S/X or PS5 (especially since I just barely finally managed to buy one of each). We need developers to bring out more inventive, well crafted, and completed games that are finished on release date the way Nintendo releases their games.

Queue the Sony drones thumbing this down even though it’s correct 😌 👍🏼

S2Killinit1h ago

I would get a PS5 Pro. But I need a bit more time with my gorgeous PS5.

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crazyCoconuts10h ago

Are all your games 4k/60 without it? No? Then yes.

Number1TailzFan6h ago

And 60 isn't even really the gold standard these days. More like silver at best.

Profchaos3h ago

I doubt they will be 4k 60 with it to

crazyCoconuts3h ago

You may be right. Would it be worth spending hundreds more dollars to get like 45FPS instead of 30? Lol. That's a good point...

Vengeance113810h ago(Edited 9h ago)

Can current gen games ALL hit a LOCKED 60 fps? No, very few can. So yes it's needed. 30 FPS games remains the standard even in current gen with these "next gen" machines.

Profchaos3h ago

I feel most can in performance mode

Destiny10809h ago

ps4 pro didn't turn 30fps games into 60fps games

from leaks we know microsoft are due to release something new in 2025 and if that's true, sony will probably match anything that microsoft does

PrimeVinister9h ago

It helped up the rendering resolution and allowed for display of 4K and HDR in quite a few titles though. I think there was a 'turbo' mode that smoothed out games as well. PS4 Pro was a great upgrade, worth it in my opinion.

GoodGuy099h ago

They're already struggling with some games. But I suppose that's more of the developers at fault as we can see Sony's first party doing completely fine.