Duke's Sales Undaunted By Bad Reviews

From Gameblurb : "They say any publicity is good publicity, and if you’re the long overdue installment in the Duke Nukem franchise even a 52.67 average metacritic score isn’t enough to keep you from topping the sales charts...."

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PattHpapong4461d ago

I'm not surprised. People flock to buy the game because of the series' popularity, and end up being disappointed. Many buy it regardless of ratings just to have it

evrfighter4461d ago

you really think people are expecting DNF to be the latest cutting edge graphics? Have award winning sound? Have the most innovating gameplay ever?

don't be a fool

Fans of the Duke know what to expect. They are much older and wiser than the cod console kids of today and most of em just miss the duke.

Gordo7894461d ago

I don't think people were expecting that, but.... it would have been nice.

palaeomerus4461d ago

Fans of Duke are mostly going to be turned off by the first boring hour and a half of crappy gameplay (whee! turrets and RC cars and wandering around in lame linear confined areas with minimal shooting!), the two weapons at a time, lame unskippable plot bits, regenerating health as well as the slapped together design of the thing.

This mess really shames Duke. It is a much worse product than 3D was. Games are supposed to get BETTER over 14 years.

Jack-Dangerously4461d ago

The way you are talking to that individual gives off the impression that you aren't older OR wise.

One bubble does usually mean you go around talkin smack about people or things. Not something a wise man would do eh?

It's all good though :) No hate, just pointing out the irony brother.

Baka-akaB4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

I wish fans of forever would stop pretending that the game is satisfying every fans of the older game .

"you really think people are expecting DNF to be the latest cutting edge graphics? Have award winning sound? Have the most innovating gameplay ever?"

nope but i expect a level of quality equivalent to what DN3d proposed at its time . And forever isnt it for me .

DN3d was still good looking and was great to play . I find none of its qualities in Forever , wich instead revels into becoming subpar game all about parodies .

The extra bonus and "gimmick " from duke nukem 3d , instead became the main meat of Forever , so screw it

DarkSymbiote4461d ago

So fans of Duke are wiser than COD gamers? I 'm not really a COD fan but how can anyone be wiser if they have high interest in DNF?

Think before you post.

Lykon4461d ago

i agree with you...i'm glad this game has significant sales i hope it will encourage a bit of diversity in the over saturated world of generic 'omg the grafix' type fps...and i hope gearbox will make a better dn game.

oh and you can lose bubbles here just by speaking your mind ...if you want bubbles, be agreeable, post links to useful info etc and be politically correct, and don't be subtly sarcastic or say anything against jesus lol. it's only n4g, so what if you can only reply once.

Heartnet4460d ago

So ur sayin fans of this game know to expect a half ass game?

then wow i dont want to meet these gamers with such low expectations from a good develoepr who had plenty of time to make it better than it is

Volomon4459d ago (Edited 4459d ago )

I have to agree with evrfighter, I think most of these reviews are done by people who didn't even game when the first Duke came out. This new generation was raised on Console games. The Duke Nukem generation was raised on PC gaming from before even Doom came out. Some of us were playing DOS based games. Gaming before there were even arcades to put quarters in, and I'm betting some of them STILL were not even born yet.

This new generation just has no appreciation.

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subtenko4461d ago

what happened to all you people who says its all about graphics and yada yada? Some of you on here have said that but now have a double motive... wtf, people need to make up their mind.

Heartnet4460d ago

Tis all about the graphics :)

Unless its going for that oldstyle feel like RPGs or sumin haha

LoneWanderer094461d ago

Am still waiting to try out the Demo in the PS3 (is not out yet), but i am planning to buy the game just to have it in my collection.


Is the fanboys who make some people have low bubbles, i had 5 bubbles one day and came back the next i had 2 bubbles. I think is was a comment that i said "I Preferred Battlefield and Killzone over COD" and i got bubble down for immature or something like that. I never talk crap in any of my comments i just give my opinion on the subject and people will bring you down for that.

BitbyDeath4461d ago

Bubble added, as long as you keep talking in a contributive way then i'm sure you'll earn your bubbles back eventually. :-)

subtenko4459d ago

Why does n4g keep this stupid system. every other site lets you comment how ever many times you want :/ gamespot,ign, all of them

besides, some people on here probably make more than one account to post. whats the point in bubbles with all the BS?

Merivigian4461d ago

Funny. I wasn't disappointed.

Jacobite4460d ago

Well I,m not disappointed, I,m have fun with this game and few others I know to, not a great game in any means but does not deserve some of those harsh reviews 5\10 at worst, 7/10ish at best.

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MicrocutsX24461d ago

Good. Game was very underrated due to all the hype. I had a good time with it.

Gordo7894461d ago

that's a good point. Seems like the hype swings both ways.

Merivigian4461d ago

It's been the funnest game I've played in a long time. This was the first Duke game I have played so I didn't know what to expect. Going into without any hopes is probably the best thing.

Stakenborg4461d ago

For a game like this, it was all about the status. They could have released practically anything with that title and it'd sell.

no_more_heroes4461d ago

I think reviewers missed the point completely when it came to DNF. Everything is as it should be for a Duke game so far as I can see.

Granted, I'm only going off of what I see. I haven't played DNF, or any Duke game ever for that matter, so take my opinion for what you will, but it looks exactly like how I'd imagine a new Duke game to look.

Phantasm4461d ago

As the old saying goes, "it is what it is."