Embracer Group acquires 3D Realms

Embracer Group AB through its wholly owned subsidiary Saber Interactive , has today entered into an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the shares in 3D Realms Entertainment ApS.

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porkChop768d ago

What do they really gain by buying 3D Realms? The Duke Nukem IP is at Gearbox now, and the Prey IP is at Xbox. 3D Realms has 7 employees and some contractors, and all they've been doing is publish a handful of indies. What's the big "get" here?

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DOMination-768d ago

Somebody said this with a recent Tencent acquisition and I'll repeat it.. what is the end game here do we think? Are Embracer just trying to be a mega publisher for no other reason than they can? Or is a console or Game Pass model in their future?

senorfartcushion768d ago

Yeah. They’re buying up tonnes of smaller places to make one big place. They would be like the A24 of gaming (outside of the real A24 of gaming lol)