Embracer Group Acquires Gearbox, Deal Worth "Up to $1.3 Billion"

Embracer Group (formerly known as THQ Nordic/Nordic Games Publishing) has once again added a new company into its fold! In a press release, the company has announced its merger with Gearbox Entertainment Company for a deal worth up to $1.3B.

SlothLordPootus951d ago

I love what THQ Nordic is doing. They certainly have a lot of cash available. I didn't think Borderlands 3 had sold very well because I've seen it for $8 at Best Buy, but supposedly it's sold 8 million copies already.

excaliburps951d ago

I think it sold enough that it's a lucrative franchise. Embracer is slowly becoming a a massive publisher that could rival Acti/EA/Ubi soon.

SlothLordPootus951d ago

I'd rather Embracer have most IP instead of Microsoft/Sony/EA/Act.

They actually seem to care about the IP they have. Even if they aren't putting out tons of AAA 90+ meta games, at least they're not going to abandon franchises and studios after 1 misstep.

CoffeeBlack910951d ago

I wish I had $1.6B cash available LOL but yea this is pretty interesting. Definitely going to monitor this situation.

Atom666951d ago

I'm still confused by what they're doing. I'm also not sure I understand where the $$ is coming from.

THQ/Embracer have been buying up so many ips and smaller studios (this being an exception). It's almost comical at this point to look at what all they own. But their financials aren't blowing anyone away (they've grown but keep spending).

It's not a stretch to say they own the majority of the AA games market. I'd be fascinated to learn what their full strategy is here. Not that its necessarily bad. I just find it very interesting.

BlaqMagiq1951d ago

My guess is maybe loans or backing from some firm. Can't say for sure, but whatever it is they're slowly becoming a quiet powerhouse. Don't sleep on em.

ZwVw951d ago

Any corporation that grabs a potential gaming developer away Tencent's grubby hands, is cool in my book.

AzubuFrost951d ago

Not gonna lie, I thought Embracer Group was a Tencent or a Chinese company of some sort. Glad to see it's THQ Nordic.

Psychonaut85951d ago

First thing they need to do is fire Randy Pitchford