Embracer Group completes acquisition of Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montréal, Square Enix Montréal

On 2 May 2022, Embracer Group AB ("Embracer") entered into an agreement to acquire the development studios Crystal Dynamics, Eidos-Montréal, Square Enix Montréal, and a catalog of IPs including Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief, Legacy of Kain and more than 50 back-catalog games from SQUARE ENIX HOLDINGS CO., LTD.

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GamingSinceForever382d ago

Now it’s time to go to work on these classics.

ZwVw382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

If they end up anything like the latest Saint's Row (yes, Deep Silver is owned by Embracer), count me out.

MadLad382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Blame Volition and Deep Silver.
Embracer is like Microsoft in that they're pretty hands off with the studios (and in this case publisher) they acquire, at least if that results in a solid product.
They're both happy to just bankroll devs they have trust in and see what happens.

Sciurus_vulgaris382d ago

One concern I have is that Embracer Group seems to consistently only fund AA to lower budget AAA titles. However, I hope that company has more reasonable expectations for future Tomb Raider [and other newly acquired IPs] than Square Enix.

neutralgamer1992382d ago

They are AA publishers but a lot of their games launch with bugs and glitches. AA is fine but make quality games please

Sciurus_vulgaris382d ago

I’m worried about Embracer pumping out mediocre and unpolished to semi-unpolished games. The company has acquired a lot of IPs that I’m fond of. So I hope Embracers quality standards improve in the near-future.

neutralgamer1992382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

yes agreed in my humble opinion they have way too many valueable IP's but their talent hiring needs assessment. They hired so many first time in gaming industry devs to work on this new SR and it clearly shows

porkChop382d ago

Gearbox isn't AA or low budget. Neither is Volition. They also own 4A Games who made Metro Exodus.

To be honest though, we don't actually get enough AA games. It's either indie or AAA. AA means a smaller budget, which means less strict risk management, which means more creativity and innovation. So if Embracer want to push more AA games I'd be happy with that.

brewin382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

Did the get the Gex IP?! I'd like a new game in that long lost series. A new Legacy of Kain proper would be nice too... Not just some remaster but a whole new game.

BlackIceJoe382d ago

On a conference call right after Embracer bought these companies from SE the execs talked about remaking Gex and bringing out a new legacy of Kain, so they will happen.

brewin382d ago

Awesome! I always thought it was stupid for SE to have all that IP just wasting away. They did Tomb Raider justice but thats about it.

VersusDMC382d ago

They are remaking Destroy all humans i assume they will release a game for every IP they own.

tombfan382d ago

That was fast! I'm glad! :D

MadLad382d ago

Please continue Deus Ex, and do it properly.

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