Embracer Group Is Starting to Close Studios After Losing Out on Deal Worth Billions

Embracer Group has begun closing studios, including developer Campfire Cabal, which was formed in September of last year.

TheCaptainKuchiki37d ago

Took long actually. They've been throwing money out the window for years. I was actually expecting them to scale down much earlier

Abracadabra37d ago

If Tencent go after Embracer's studios, that will be a problem...

glennhkboy37d ago

Tencent isn't allowed to make any big international investment anymore (by Chinese government).

crazyCoconuts38d ago

While I don't like people losing jobs, I do like seeing that the Embracer model isn't working. I could do without the market consolidation. Hope the staff get sucked into some companies actually trying to make good games

Extermin8or3_37d ago

Isn't working for them because they don't have a larger company backing them. It would work for someone like Microsoft to a point because ultimately money isn't really an issue for them.

purple10138d ago

Good good. Sony will buy up the talent.

And they will go to Sony, because I bet they'd like the prospect of working on a highly rated game instead of average scoring ones

oIMyersIo38d ago

😂 honestly, the way you talk you'd think you were on Sony's payroll.

purple10137d ago

No but I should have brought Sony shares years ago. I knew they were onto a winner and turned out to be right.

Could have doubled my money

Crows9037d ago

Or maybe he's talking based on Sony's 1st party performance...idk..just an informed thought instead of some nonsense.

oIMyersIo37d ago

"Or maybe he's talking based on Sony's 1st party performance...idk..just an informed thought instead of some nonsense."

lol. 😂
Nonsense 😂 you're unreal. He sounds like a Sony PR guy. You're honestly brainwashed.

DarXyde37d ago

How does one "buy up talent"?

Do you mean offer them jobs with their existing studios? I guess that's okay. Anything resembling a hostile takeover or IP shopping is extremely problematic.

purple10137d ago

Yeh I mean offer jobs to the best talent that are getting let go..

And they wouldn't, probably (I assume) turn down the opportunity to go to a Sony studio, even if their passion lies elsewhere or in a different genre, simply because it would look good on their portfolio.

glennhkboy37d ago

"Could have doubled my money" You really has not idea what the stock market values is in the real world, right? For the pass 5 years Sony stock price grow from roughly 49 to 90 today, which is around 1.8x. That is not "double my money". While MS grow around 3x, Apple grow around 4x at the same period. So Sony is not the market leader in terms of shares price.

purple10136d ago

Err I never said Sony shares rose more than those other companies, but thanks for pointing that out.

Pretty sure x1.8 is pretty much double too.

Pyrofire9537d ago

This reads like those videos of the guy who makes inventions that are very human.

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Sciurus_vulgaris38d ago

For as big as Embracer Group the company doesn’t seem to generate a lot of revenue. Embracer purchased so many smaller companies, while not releasing particularly high selling games. Seems the company is relying on investments to keep itself a float and together.

ZwVw37d ago

Bit off more than they could chew. Probably couldn't secure more Saudi money.

DarXyde37d ago


Mbappe must've eaten up their budget.