Embracer paid too little for Tomb Raider and Deus Ex and that’s a good thing

The purchase of Tomb Raider and Deus Ex by Embracer for what amounts to corporate pocket change may actually point to a positive future.

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GoodGuy09497d ago

I think square just wanted to get rid of them quickly hence the low price.

NotoriousWhiz495d ago

Square is becoming a junkie that needs its NFT fix.

Sgt_Slaughter495d ago

Which is a horrible business decision considering how far gone NFTs are from the public eye. It's a dead market, it was never going to last.

VersusDMC496d ago

A rumored 200 million hit on square is a big deal. So they got their money back and some by selling the cause of the debt.

They probably got upfront payment from Microsoft on the Perfect Dark collab as well.

And before you say 200 million isn't that much... Square fired the creator of Final Fantasy for losing 100 million on the Final Fantasy Movie, got financial support from Sony and had to merge with Enix.

pietro1212496d ago

Square was merging with Enix before Spirits Within Flopped. Actually the merger was put on the back burner because of the flop. Sony has been supporting Square for years even when they had that publishing deal with EA up until they sold they stocks a few years ago.

VersusDMC496d ago

I stand corrected but it means the same thing. That 100 mil loss was so bad Enix was thinking about backing out of the merger.

And Square went to Sony for financial help(they bought 18% stocks) because of the 100 million dollar loss on Spirits Within.

Just saying 200 million isn't corporate pocket change to Square enix.

jeromeface495d ago

spirits within was also 21 years go... so it was alot more than 100m in todays money

Psychonaut85496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

Insane that Squenx believed in their IPs so little. And the fact they’re using the money to invest in blockchain is a metaphorical slap in Lara, Adam, and Kain’s digital faces as well. Maybe Embracer group will show more respect

Outlawzz496d ago

Yay a 4th console to be aware of now lol

Jk jk... I hope

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