Embracer Sees "Great Potential" in its Tomb Raider Acquisition, Including Remakes

We were all left to pick our jaws up from the floor when it was announced that Embracer had purchased the rights to big franchises such as Tomb Raider and Deus Ex from Square Enix earlier this month. It seemed to be the bargain of the year, if not century, for the holding company.

Now, in its financial report, Embracer has highlighted its hopes for the future following this acquisition (including potential remakes of some classic titles) saying...

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AngainorG7X480d ago

Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation remake please

RaidenBlack479d ago

One at a time, Eidos Montreal ...
First thing under Embracer, Lets try to start with a new Blood Omen game (not a Remake, but a brand new entry, lets see the devs try a bit, Remake can always happen later)
Then a new Thief re-Reboot (the last reboot was an okay attempt but the devs need to try harder this time and be more creative, kinda like the first 3 Thief games were; innovative and creative)
As for a good, good Remake parallel project using UE5 : Ion Storm's Deus Ex 1 (enuff said)
Since Crystal Dynamics' already got their hands full with UE5 Tomb Raider and Perfect Dark ... wishlisting won't apply, atleast for near future. But they can always make another Legacy of Kain/Soul Reaver game after Eidos Montreal's Blood Omen & after their Tomb Raider + Perfect Dark development wraps up.

AngainorG7X479d ago

I can wait since Lara's two timelines will be unified. All these IPs need a special treatment.

479d ago
-Foxtrot480d ago

All we need is the Crash/Spyro remake treatment on Tomb Raider 1-3 and then another collection after with The Last Revelation, Chronicles and Angel of Darkness on

sourOG480d ago (Edited 480d ago )

I can’t hate on embracer, they are buying a ton of IP but at least they are trying to utilize them. I give them props for bringing destroy all humans back and putting the 360 conan game on the store again. Great games.

It’s been hard to hate these days lol. Even my most loathed.. All I wanted was a new dead space and skate from EA and they announced them. It’s possible they ruin them into another hibernation but i can’t hate yet. Even konami stepped up with the cowabunga collection and silent hill rumors.

porkChop480d ago

I just hope they actually use them. Embracer owns Gearbox, which means they own Duke Nukem. I hope we see a new game. Randy said before release that DNF wouldn't make money, that he just wanted to get it out and continue the franchise. Yet we've seen nothing since then.

sourOG479d ago

I don’t know if gearbox has the culture or heart to make a good duke nukem game. It’s basically “toxic masculinity: the game” in the best way possible. Gearbox’s heart pumps duck sauce so maybe it’s best if it’s left to a better time. Or embracer giving that IP to a hungry studio who would do it justice.

porkChop479d ago

Yeah I don't think Gearbox could develop it themselves. Embracer does own Flying Wild Hog who make the Shadow Warrior games. That's probably the best fitting team Embracer has. They also own 3D Realms, but they're solely a publisher now.

sourOG479d ago

Yeah FWH makes the most sense imo

jBlakeeper480d ago

A Tomb Raider Legend remake would be nice. I loved that game.

lucian229480d ago

Oooooh remakes of remakes of remakes here we go

TricksterArrow479d ago

There was only one TR remake... And that was Anniversary. All others are reimaginations of the game or reboots, meaingin, completelt new titles within the franchise.

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