Forza Motorsport on Xbox Looks Incredible | WhatsGood

WG: Forza Motorsport is coming on October 10, 2023 and the changes they've made to the career mode, AI and other systems looks like it's going to return Forza Motorsport back to where it needs to be. We think it's looking amazing.

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Obscure_Observer85d ago

Yeah, it does! True next gen racing beauty and perfection coming in October!

Hypertension14084d ago (Edited 84d ago )

In what way is this considered TRUE next gen racing to you? I'm a fan of the series don't get me wrong, but better than GT 7 in VR? Impossible.

4Sh0w84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

You can tell this guy is a real diehard car racing guy, lol he even has real life vids of him racing. I will check out the new Forza but really since like Forza4, followed by the debut of Forza Horizon I've kind of preferred Horizon arcade style over Forza M. It's weird I'm usually a the more options the better guy, but psshh, all the damm tinkering gets old fast to me. I just wanta race. Forza Horizon is definitely my favorite racing series at the moment but this new Forza does look stunning as usual.

Magog84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

There's no way anyone actually likes that stern mommy voice that is supposedly cheering you on but in a very condescending tone. It's like Cortana with PMS.

Magog84d ago

Looks soulless like all Forza games. GT7 especially in VR is 1000 times more enthralling.

Fishy Fingers84d ago

My god man, you're putting in the work.

King_Noctis84d ago

Do you get a trophy each time you comment on anything related to MS?

autobotdan84d ago

This game will be DELISTED in 7 years and you lose all your progress because it is a live service game. You didnt have this problem with FM 1-7

84d ago
InUrFoxHole84d ago

MS is crushing it. About damn time lol