Forza Motorsport Reveals New Fictional Track Grand Oak Raceway

Today Microsoft and Turn 10 revealed a new track that will be included in the upcoming racing game Forza Motorsport, Grand Oak Raceway.

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DOMination-32d ago

Looks great in a 10 second cinematic but lets wait and see how it turns out.... MS are the masters of bullshots

4Sh0w32d ago

Crazy past Forza M reviews...they will tell you what longtime Forza fans already know=Forza graphics have always been among the best looking games on any platform at launch.

mandf31d ago

Smoke another one. They are good not the best

Jin_Sakai31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

“Forza graphics have always been among the best looking games on any platform at launch.”

GT7 still looks just as good if not better.


“Forza Motorsport will release without Spectator Mode, Racing with A.I. in Featured Multiplayer and Splitscreen”

Sonic188131d ago

It's alright. The best-looking game on any platform in my opinion is Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West. I would also say the Witcher 3. Forza wasn't mind-blowing, but it's good

4Sh0w31d ago

Yeah Jin nothing you said or showed changes the fact that Forza has always debuted with superb graphics & while I prefer Forza Horizon series now as my go to racer tgeres still no denying Forza graphics standout with the best on any platform, better actually and changing the subject to split screen shows you're grasping for any reason to downplay the game but of course that's typical of psn4g folks, who have nothing better to do than follow a platform & games they hate so much= irrelevant opinions from fanboys..

fr0sty30d ago

" “Forza Motorsport will release without Spectator Mode, Racing with A.I. in Featured Multiplayer and Splitscreen”

And most importantly, it'll release without VR. Complete game changer for GT7. I'll never again play it without it.

itsmebryan30d ago

I had always wanted to play Zero horizon it looked interesting but, , I didn't have PS4 or 5. I got a gaming last year so I picked up Zero horizon. It's s even better looking on PC with higher resolution, graphical enhancements and solid 60 fps.


itsmebryan30d ago

You just said the same thing 4show said. He said Forza was " among " the best looking games and you said GT7 looks as good if not better. That would put GT7 and forza "among " the best looking games right?

But, Forza has much more content like cars and tracks .

fr0sty30d ago (Edited 30d ago )


GT7 has 63 tracks to Forza's 20, and as of today, months before Forza even launches, there are 481 cars in GT7, with more being added with each update, and Forza doesn't launch until October with a planned 500, so I wouldn't go taking victory laps there yet.

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slayereddy32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I think they had no choice for it to be a 10 second cinematic because it looks like a very short track. I'm really not a fan of short tracks and ovals. Turn 10 pls give me the option to delete tracks...where is the Nordschleife? That is what I want, that and more MASSIVE tracks pls.

Markdn31d ago

I'm not really a fan short tracks either or fictional, sometimes it works, but I wanna race. Real. World. Location more than fictional

Yi-Long31d ago

I like that it’s a fictional track cause in theory you can make those as gorgeous and fun to race on as your imagination allows. Driveclub for example had the best track-design I’ve ever played in any racing game, all fictional.

That said, this looks like another American location plus it simply doesn’t look very interesting.

Also, honestly, I just want them to announce Mount Fujimi Kaido …

dumahim31d ago

I just don't get these. If your focus is on the track reveal, show an entire lap of the track. Not these maybe 15 seconds of actual footage that spends more time focusing on the car.

LordStig31d ago

The layout of this track has some Red Bull Ring vibes to it.

InUrFoxHole31d ago

Banger on deck! Day 1 with gamepass

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