Forza Motorsport Unveils Iconic Nürburgring GP and PC Specs at gamescom

Check out Forza Motorsports PC specs and discover the iconic Nürburgring GP circuit, rebuilt for the Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Obscure_Observer21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

True Next Gen Racer confirmed!

"Turn 10 Studios also provided transparency on what racing wheels will work on the Xbox and PC versions: 18 racing wheels are supported on the console version and the PC version supports 41 racing wheels."


Extermin8or3_21d ago

Gt7 VR or forza 7 hmmm I think I know what I'll choose.

Jakens20d ago

I would like to try Nordschleife.

"We are also happy to confirm the iconic 12.9-mile (20.83 km) Nordschleife will be coming in Spring 2024. Both tracks have been completely rebuilt for the Xbox Series X|S and PC"