Forza Motorsport Will Be A Live Service Title And Will Get Years Of Support, Confirms Phil Spencer

The entry could be an exhilarating Racing experience if the GAAS part is executed right.

Kaii19d ago

"Looks at Halo Infinite"./chuckles I'm In danger meme

Obscure_Observer19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

More like GT7.

I don´t see the problem with the GaaS approach for this game if done right.

LordStig18d ago

more like iRacing.

This game has stalled on the formation lap.

IRetrouk18d ago

Wonder if the extra content will be free like gt too.

EvertonFC18d ago

Agreed I hate GaaS but generally it works well with racing games with free content regularly.

Old McGroin18d ago (Edited 18d ago )


"Wonder if the extra content will be free like gt too."

Hold on a sec, wasn't Gran Tourismo 7 universally condemned for its approach to microtransactions? Ah, yes it was, short memories around here:

IRetrouk18d ago

You mean the 3 credit options it allows? And how overblown the reaction to them was?, ive played 700 hours on the game since launch, i have over 400 of the cars and never once had to buy credit, Is that more out of control than forzas? Every single dlc car becomes a microtransaction.... pretty sure in both cases they are just time savers, not really sure what this has to do with the question I asked though🤷🏻‍♂️
Do you think forza will give out free content like gt has?

Hypertension14018d ago (Edited 18d ago )


After reading all the comments here, im almost 100% sure that most people talking about GT7 have never played it and have no idea how the game works.

shinoff218318d ago

Did you not try and kill Sony for this same approach

Goosejuice18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Except gt7 doesn't have battle passes like forza has announced. 30 cars for 30 weeks for thier first pass I believe. Meanwhile gt7 adds cars every month for free. It's not the same

Obscure_Observer18d ago


"Except gt7 doesn't have battle passes like forza has announced. 30 cars for 30 weeks for thier first pass I believe. Meanwhile gt7 adds cars every month for free. It's not the same"

Never said it´s the same. I said "more like" GT7.

GT7 release was controversial to say at least, as Usercore on Metacritic shows.

We´ll see how FM will perform. If Turn 10 put out some scumbag monetization crap, gamers will give them hell, and FM Usercore might be even lower than GT7.

oIMyersIo18d ago

Funny that, isn't it?

GT7 - online required - N4G Sony fans show zero upset.

Forza Motorsport - Online required- fake outrage.

Profchaos18d ago

Was gt7 fine right outside of the impressive VR implementation and graphics we had
* extremely expensive individual cars for DLC
* a weaker overall ai that didn't challenge the player
* always online

I say it as a player of gt7 it wasn't perfect and took big steps backwards while switching monetary models

SeTTriP18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

I agree with you on this one.i see no problem with gaas for racers seems like a perfect fit with so many cars and the customized nature of cars it's alot of after launch content (that fans would actually want to pay for) to be had and work ain't for free so if the devs put the work in and charge reasonable I see no problems with this model being applied to this type of game.

As long as the base game isn't comprised by this it's fine.

Brazz18d ago

If they give tons of free stuff like GT. Sure, why not... I have my doubts, but... only time will tell.

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Tacoboto18d ago

Halo Infinite's had a pretty good 2023 if you actually pay attention to what's been going on with it. It was the leadership until the end of 2022 that messed things up so bad, issues that Turn10 hasn't had.

Flakegriffin18d ago

Halo Infinite had a rough 2023 and only got slightly better with the last update but still failed to retain players.

Only people remaining are Halo fans.

Zhipp18d ago

He's obviously talking about content updates, not players.

343_Guilty_Spark18d ago

Infinite would have been fine as live service if they had launched feature complete. The gameplay was still great it’s just it was missing a lot of traditional features that have appeared in previous Halo games.

Flakegriffin18d ago

Easily one the best core gameplay Halo experiences. Easily one of the worst Halo games ever when it came to overall content.

DaleCooper18d ago

This. If it had a better launch, with all the features they originally promised, then it would have done much better.

babadivad18d ago

That's why it's such a tragedy. 343 FINALLY nailed the gameplay and utterly failed at everything else.

Terry_B19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

After Halo the next of the very few long-running and well-done-made Xbox / Microsoft series going fubar?

EvertonFC18d ago

I thought always online with racing games was something to do with recording all the data for lap times, pit stop timings, leaderboards etc ?
I remember PD saying something on it

Extermin8or3_18d ago

That was for their title as they have FIA accreditation for so people can't be cheating with saves or otherwise. But I dunno if forza has that accredation.

Amplitude18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

@EvertonFC Scores can always be saved and uploaded later like every other game.
They can say whatever they want. Same with Gran Turismo PS5.
Whatever their made-up reasons are, there's always a better solution that's been done countless times.
It's just the single worst way to prevent piracy, increase digital sales over physical, and to prevent having these games be playable in the future so people buy sequels. The rate they've been dropping is increasing as they realize people still buy this trash unfortunately

I've been replaying a lot of PS3 games in RPCS3 recently and it sucks to know that i'll never be able to go back and play, say, any of the recent Modern Warfare campaigns once the servers are down. Every game that requires an internet connection for single player deserves to fail spectacularly and it sucks that they dont

slate9119d ago

They failed with Halo live. Hopefully they can execute this time around. I just never get a good feeling with titles like this.