Forza Motorsport Won't Have Split-Screen And Other Legacy Features For Launch

Developer Turn 10 explains why split-screen and other popular features from past games won't make it for launch.

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XiNatsuDragnel31d ago

Whelp that's disappointing fr I hope they can fix this fr.

Jin_Sakai30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Nearly 6 years in development and missing legacy features at launch. Xbox studios sure are on a roll this generation.

-Foxtrot30d ago

But don’t worry it’ll come after launch




notachance30d ago

sure feels like they're experimenting with how incomplete they can release a game now

and since people don't need to buy xbox first-party games upfront the backlash is significantly reduced

AmUnRa30d ago

I see a pattern here...Its the XboxSeriesS's fault...that S has a problem with splitscreen aka that weaker CPU is just a big big problem. When MS would remove the parity clause between the X and the S they would shoot them selve in the ass.

When you make a bad decision (the weaker Series S) it will bite you in the ass in the long run...and thats what realy is happening here.
Dont try to denay the truth.....

wiz719130d ago

@amunra weak CPU ?? The Series S CPU is near identical to the Series X and better than the PS5 .. the problem isn’t the CPU it’s the low memory on top of being split , there’s no parity but you have to release a game on both machines. The Series S wasn’t made to have parity with Series X , it was made to be a low spec machine ..

Chevalier30d ago

Didn't they also promise Halo Infinite Split screen after launch only to cancel it as well? Series S problems? Lol

DarXyde29d ago

It's definitely something of a trend where it seems like their big games are missing mainstay features now.

Microsoft is big on metrics, so I wonder if they launch without some of the expected features if their data shows that people rarely engaged with them. In this instance, is there any data they have to support that it's not a feature of immediate interest? Is it just that they needed to meet a deadline? Or is this Microsoft saying, "doesn't matter, we've got shiny new studios?"

I really have no idea. I lean more toward Microsoft signaling that there's no reward in launching a feature-complete product if engagement won't last long enough to make the money back via XGP in a certain period of time. Extra content coming later is one thing, but when we get to performance and expected game modes, we're really talking about games launching unfinished.

To be honest, this generation all around is very frustrating for different reasons with different platform holders (in my opinion, anyway). There are some problematic mentalities for all three of them, but in Microsoft's case here, they really don't seem interested in polishing their crown jewels anymore. The product presentation of Forza is excellent and for most people, this probably isn't a deal breaker (it wouldn't be for me). But seriously, why do this?

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RpgSama30d ago

6 months after release they will surely cancel a few of those "not ready for launch" features.

Schriefer930d ago

How did You 12 disagrees saying the cpu was slightly better and that Ram was the issue? That’s a fact and actual problem.

BrainSyphoned30d ago

How did 16 of us disagree about the cpu? XSX 12TERAFLOPS!!!!! XSS 4 measly teraflops. As we all know TERAFLOPS are the most important metric in gaming, since the series S has 8 fewer flops they are for sure nowhere near equivalent.

edwardmde29d ago

@wiz7191 wrong.

“ The Series S wasn’t made to have parity with Series X”

Games on the S, MUST have feature parity with the X. It’s not just a case of releasing games on both as you say. But for this, Baldur's Gate 3 would’ve been released on Xbox by now.

Schriefer929d ago

Teraflops is the GPU the CPU is only about 2.7 Gflops in either system or even a pc if you had 3900x which these cpus are the equivalent of.

banger8831d ago

It won't have an offline mode either. Disgusting. First Forza game I'll be skipping, I own all the others.

crazyCoconuts30d ago

It'll have a campaign though, right?

CML230d ago

It has a career campaign but its an always online mode just like with GT7.

AmUnRa29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Yes it has....but laks several features, who is to blame, time to wake up, its the Series S-X parity rule demanded by MS...

Charlieboy33330d ago

Yeah I remember all the Xbox guys who were 'outraged' and poking fun at this always online requirement on GT7. Not a peep from them now that it's Forza doing it ( so predictable ). Both are dumb for doing least I am consistent with my criticism.

ApocalypseShadow30d ago

Yup. Came back and bit them in the ass. And the game comes without VR like Sony's game.

CobraKai30d ago

I honestly don’t understand the need to be online if you wanna play single player.

Yi-Long30d ago

They whole ‘always online’ was already a big no-no for many. That kinda stuff has no place in any SP career-mode.

I personally don’t care much about these new issues mentioned here, but I’m sure many others do care.

It seems very difficult for devs these days to not shoot themselves in the foot by implementing anti-consumer measures and taking out stuff folks love(d), when releasing a new game.

I wish they would have just prioritized SP campaign mode, and Online MP/career 2nd, and no idea why they would just ignore/exclude local (split-screen) MP tbh …

EvertonFC30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Surely these Devs can release an always online and offline SP campaign ONLY versions. It's just lazy imo.
If they don't want to have a disk version for SP campaign offline mode download only would at least be a start if it's down to the confusing the consumer situation if having multiple versions on disk?

Profchaos30d ago

When did split screen become a legacy feature

jznrpg30d ago

When they released series s

thesoftware73030d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I swear, you guys complain about everything ..oh wait it's an Xbox title and if course.

This whole split screen being so great is nonsense, what are we in the 90's?...grow up already, most games on current gen can't even hit 60fps at 4k or lower res, .split screen is a taxing dinosaur feature, let it's completely not worth it for the masses, it's a minority feature at this point and only suitable for some games now.

Tell your friends to stay home and buy the same game as you and enjoy your 65" + T.V without compromise.

Spectator mode lol? Ok they will add it later, go on Twitch and spectate lol.

As far as always online...when will we see this is the way things are going, entertainment in any form is more connected as ever and will only become so more and more ..shit GT7 is always online...and I'm sure Sony's 10 live services games will be always online..let's start moving on from this, skip the games, or quit gaming.

Nitrowolf230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Lol, yes, let's just give in and not complain about things about a product so nothing gets done, and studios don't improve based on feedback, but rather they keep at it making it more and more worse as time go on.

See that buggy game? Completely acceptable because it's just how things are.
Oh they promised you features and now they're taking them away? No worries, that's fine.

People dislike the idea of always online because the grindfest it introduces, and always being at the mercy of the servers. GT7 is a prime example of how grindy the series has become and there's nothing anyone can do because it's always online and is built to keep players sticking around forever.

Diablo 4 was down for days and no one could play it. Zero reason to always be online when there are tons of games before it that work fine

This has been a constant trend with Xbox all gen, as a company, you'd think they'd learn by now, but hey I guess that's okay. Wonder how Redfall been going since the promised updates.

There's a difference between live services too. Games that are solely competitive, pvp, sure that makes sense. A bulk of these games however offer solo play, can be beaten alone, and never once require someone else to play with, yet they're online always so they can force a feature store page in your face Everytime you log in. Not to make the players experience better, but to line their pockets with more money

-Foxtrot30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

It’s not our fault if there’s more Xbox games doing shitty things

People shit on GT7 a while back and rightfully so along with the news on Sonys awful backing of GaSS stuff. It’s a sure thing aswell if Sony does terrible with their GaSS games people will complain

If you don’t complain things will just get worse

staticall30d ago

Split screen was here for decades - at least from Sega Genesis. It wasn't taxing on previous games (including Forza), but now it's suddenly a problem? On a next-gen console? That's BS and you know it.

Personally, i love it, i can play with my friends and family. And it's cheaper and more convenient too (don't need to buy and bring another console ($400+), buy another copy of a game ($60+) and bring it; instead of just buying another controller ($50+)). Maybe you don't like meeting your friends and spending some time playing games, but i do.
And using "dinosaur" doesn't make you sound smart actually, it's the other way around.

I don't want to beat around the same bush, but just because you don't use a feature, doesn't mean other don't. It includes spectator mode and racing with AI. And anything else they might strip off.

I don't know why you feel the need to defend a trillion dollar company on their crusade to deliver a product with less features than before. It actually makes them look so much worse, like they're incapable - same as 343i. Don't be surprised when next time they would remove another "dinosaur" feature that you love - you'll have to blame yourself for that. At the very least, i hope you're getting paid for this; otherwise, it's kinda sad.

thesoftware73030d ago

My man, split screen has been around, I called it a dinosaur...

Charlieboy33330d ago

He doesn't have friends to play on a couch with ...that's why he doesn't get the point of split screen