Forza Motorsport's Career Mode Is Always-Online, DLC Plans Detailed

Any progression is tied to the internet

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Flawlessmic90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Defs not ideal but I didn't kill gt7 for this so I'm not gonna kill forza for it, just suck that's once those servers go this game is dead just like gt7 will be. I hope all the people that shat on gt7 for this keep the same energy.

The real travesty here is, I just watched the ign career mode walkthrough and........ what the actual fuck.

Your telling me I need to use a car to actually start unlocking any upgrades for it.

How long will I need to use a car before I can fully upgrade it the way I want???

Part of the joy of these games is building up your credits and then splurging on the cars you want and making them power houses immediatly!

This just severely limits the amount of cars i will use in the game, unless i just want to drive everything stock which goes against everything we love about these types of games.

Ffs I was so pumped for this and now my hype just died in the ass, besides the racing, the tuning is the most important thing and now they locked it behind time sinks.

I swear to God if there is a microtransaction that allows you to fully master a car, I'm rioting lolllllll

Also just ruined online races with freinds as well were we pick all pick the same car and tune them to a set level before racing and then keep changing the cars every couple of races or so in gt7. Looks like gt will still be the go to for online.

I went from insanely hyped for this game to now very mild, between the online only and the ign coverage showing me an RPG game, like wtf turn 10.

XiNatsuDragnel90d ago

For real this is shooting themselves in the foot with this news.

Knushwood Butt90d ago

In GT I drive almost all cars stock, with the exception of tires.

Just sayin'

dumahim90d ago

Good for you.

Just sayin'

itsmebryan89d ago

Maybe he just wants to build an OP car to dominate races. I tune my cars to my driving style. I learned long ago another of power doesn't always will the race.

KingKionic 90d ago

It is what it is. Its 2023 we cant really make this a big deal after how many people are download games.

There career mode also will have new tracks and dlc put directly into it.

Im sure thats why its always online. Common sense.

EvertonFC90d ago

Leaderboards, time trial times, lap times etc is why it's always online. At least that's what PD said regarding GT always online, so I imagine it's because of that for FM too.

dumahim90d ago

Gosh. I wonder how racing games in the past added tracks and events without requiring always being online. I'm sure it's one of life's mysteries we'll never work out...

KingKionic 90d ago

Well from the Forza Motorsports ive played all of them are added separately in a form of dlc.

It seems more like a service built in the game so they can put more content in it over a long period of time.

dumahim90d ago


Yeah, service being the thing. That's still not a reason to require it to be always online. If you want the added tracks and events, you'll have to connect. Server being down for whatever reason or the users internet having issues shouldn't keep someone from playing the game by themselves.

90d ago
autobotdan90d ago

The death of Forza Motorsport for me. I was all in Forza Motorsport 1-7. Im out now