Gamer Strategically Stacks Turkish PS Plus Subscriptions up to 2050 to Circumvent Price Hike

To avoid the recent PlayStation price increase, one gamer strategically stacked a Turkish PlayStation Plus subscription up to 2050.

seanpitt235d ago

I don't think playstation will be around by then.. not the way they are going there not especially with Jim Ryan

SegaSaturn6694d ago

Yeah, I moved over to steam deck when the new tier of ps plus launched. Now at least I can play ps1/2/3 games.

ravens524d ago

Agreed. They need to know that so they can change their direction. If your a fan of Playstation let them know they are f'ing up. Seriously.

Shane Kim4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

The fans aren't carrying Sony, the general public is. That's why they are catering to them. We are the minority gamers.

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Leeroyw4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Has saved himself a few hundred dollars at the very least. But... that sort of similar investment would yield tens of thousands of dollars in 25 years in shares. Not judging. Just find it interesting.

andy854d ago

Probably thousands to be fair. At todays money his sub is like 2500 and cost him about 500. Imagine what it will cost in 20 years if it exists.

Inverno4d ago

Or you know… all of you that pay for plus could "strategically" just stop paying for it. The majority who own a PS4 and/or PS5 don't even subscribe to Plus. It's the few that do that're ruining it for the rest of us. SONY will continue to charge for something that is entirely FREE on PC, on every launcher. Y'all paying for a glorified rental service. Try to convince me otherwise.

Eidolon4d ago

LOL, this has to be the stupidest shit I've read today.

raWfodog4d ago

Yeah, no. My paying for PS+ Essentials is not 'ruining it for the rest' of you. It sucks that prices go up of course, but there are always options in this industry. If you are not happy with it then don't pay for it. Obviously the ones who continue to pay, WANT to do so.

"Y'all paying for a glorified rental service."

Your statement suggests something wrong with renting a service. Is my enjoyment of what the service provides supposed to depend on whether I'm paying for the service or not? Or are you suggesting that gamers should have unfettered access to Sony's (or MS's) massive library of games for the simple price of purchasing their console?

Inverno4d ago

Last I checked paying for plus does not give you access to any massive library of games. And simply buying the console already gives you access to all their games, all you gotta do afterwards is buy em. I said try to convince me, not come at me with fanboy excuses.

raWfodog4d ago

I'm referring to the entire structure of Playstation Plus subscription-based gaming when I refer to the massive library of games but since you seem to be referring to just the lowest tier, yes I have amassed access to a bunch of games over my 10 years that I would have probably not purchased otherwise. They are not all 'winners' in my opinion but is every part of a subscription service perfect?

Also it is not my job or concern to 'convince' you as I couldn't care less what you do with your money. If making legitimate statements and asking you questions equates to 'fanboy excuses' in your mind, then I believe we are done here.

Inverno4d ago

The entire structure of PS consists of features already done and available for free on just Steam alone. If you aren't going to convince me then why bother replying? I want people to prove me otherwise not just say they wanna pay for it and add nothing to the conversation.

raWfodog4d ago

"I want people to prove me otherwise not just say they wanna pay for it and add nothing to the conversation."

What needs to be added to the conversation? This is not some deep, insightful debate with many nuances and multiple different outcomes. Your choices are 'continue paying for multiplayer access' or 'stop paying for multiplayer access'. You've already made up your mind on this simple choice. Why do you need someone else to try and prove to you that your personal choice was wrong?

Inverno4d ago

Then I guess that's what's wrong with this site. Better to press the disagree button than to actually have a conversation, think the other guy is wrong and move on. Just have good takes and farm the likes.

raWfodog4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

“Better to press the disagree button than to actually have a conversation”

When I tried to have a conversation by asking you legitimate questions, you defaulted to me giving you ‘fanboy excuses’. That’s a non-starter for me and lets me know where someone’s head is already at. I’ve never belittled someone’s opinion on this site and only came at people who initially came at me. Every one of my replies to you gave reasons and realities to the situation. You just didn’t like my answers.

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blackblades4d ago

It wasnt smart considering you can just get it on a discount but of course IDK that much on Turkish so they might not get discounts

raWfodog4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

There's a big price difference when comparing it to US prices. I doubt that any US discounts would ever get that low.

"If you compare it with the US, the price difference was quite substantial. You had to pay $60 for the most basic version called PS Essential, $100 for PS Extra, and $120 for PS Premium. On a Turkish account, you only needed to pay 240TL for PS Essential, which rounds up to about $9, PS Extra for 400TL ($15) and PS Premium or Deluxe for 460TL ($17).

Edit: Sony got rid of that loophole almost immediately.

gold_drake4d ago

isnt that story like some weeks old at this point ?