Gearbox boss: 'Bitch and moan' if you want, but the Epic Store is best for Borderlands 3

Randy Pitchford explained in a long tweetstorm why he believes the future does not belong to Steam.

PapaBop1608d ago

"blah blah blah.. oh $$$$$$$ blah blah blah umm ahhh, umm CROSSPLATFORM"

Totally sold, who needs consumer choice, the future is great, magical and EPIC /s

Avernus1608d ago

I don't really care too much about this issue personally, but it's funny you bring up consumer choice as an argument against it when Steam basically had a monopoly.

MrBitch1608d ago

Steam didn't have a monopoly, steam games were available to any platform that was willing to compete, steam didn't buy games rights to publish. Just because no one wanted to compete doesn't make them a monopoly.

sinspirit1608d ago

You clearly don't know what a monopoly is. Steam made no efforts to control the market and prevent competition. It's just a great service without any catch. Customers gave it all the success it deserves.

Epic has a boring, featureless, and compromising client which has had many security breaches and continues to fail customers. The client is not right for customers. If developers want more money then they should just release the game standalone like back in the day and get all of the cut instead of launch on a bad client

Hungryalpaca1608d ago

You don’t know what a monopoly is. Steam wasn’t the only place selling the games. The developers had numerous storefronts to choose from and steam never barred anyone from other stores. Steam was and still is the best option for everyone.

PapaBop1608d ago

Steam had it's rocky beginnings for it's own reasons too but it's an apples and oranges argument, any perceived monopoly Steam had was due to Valve being one of the first gaming companies to offer a digital store.

WombBat1608d ago

Steam is the greedy one, they take 30%...

Jaypi031608d ago

Steam isn't a monopoly though, it's the most popular platform but it's not a monopoly, that's not even how monopolies work, just because you say it's "basically" a monopoly doesn't mean it is. There's still competition for Steam, sure not as popular as Steam, but still competition, Humble Bundle, GOG, U-Play, Origin, and even piracy.

McDonalds is the biggest fast food place in the world, but it's still not a monopoly.

sinspirit1607d ago


Okay. Take this for example. The whole industry takes 30%. Even retail takes a cut on top of console manufacturers getting 30% for releasing on their console. You are a free service that gives users and developers tons of tools and capabilities that no one else does. These developers also bypass fees that retailers would have taken by using Steam. Steam is great for developers and consumers.

Now, imagine a company releases a featureless security flawed service that can't keep themselves afloat and stay consistently updated and serviced at a 12% developer fee, while throwing cash at them for timed exclusivity, and is basically a flex to shoehorn into being a known marketplace by blending money because their super rich partner told them to try. Would you actually cut your fee on a consistently great service that makes the effort to do right for developers(given the fee) and consumers alike? Who really decides who wins? The consumer will. And, Steam will stay the main choice for us. Developers should just release their games standalone again jnstead of using a crappy launcher and make more money per unit.

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Kryptix1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

Guy, I don't think you know what a monopoly is including those who agreed with you.

Valve never forced any market that sells keys to only sell Steam keys. for example.

Your anger is misdirected. It should be aimed at the anti-consumerism of purchasing exclusivity rights to games that were announced on one platform and then switched in the last second which in effect also took marketing space.

Not only that, but making people in the last second switch to a platform/launcher that lacks security and basic features which are considered pro-consumer.

I only played Fortnite once and till this day I still get "denied access" emails of someone obviously using an automatic password generator/cracker.

I'm good.

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darthv721608d ago

If the game wasnt coming to PS and XB store then you may have a point but as it is there will still be consumer choice. You can play on pc, xbox and ps4. How you obtain your copy is dependent on which platform you want to use.

PapaBop1608d ago

By that logic, Gamestop for example could obtain the exclusive rights to sell the Xbox copy but that wouldn't be impacting consumer choice because consumers could pick it up on a different platform instead. You are right though, I'll be getting it on PS4.

jeki1607d ago

You have several choices: buy the game when it's released at the Epic Store, wait for it to release at Valve Corporation's Steam store, or don't buy it at all.

rainslacker1607d ago

Developers and publishers have choice to. While I often don't side with the dev or pub at the expense of consumer choice, in this case, about the only thing the consumer is losing is the ability to choose which store to buy it from. The price is going to remain the same for the customer, and the customer won't be excluded from playing it on their PC platform, so the situation isn't completely anti-consumer. It's about akin to some companies only selling their products at certain retailers, often with regional non-compete agreements so that company has an advantage. In those cases, the prices are usually fixed by the manufacturer to, so the customer doesn't gain much benefit outside of where they may prefer to shop.

jojo3191607d ago

It's actually more of an oligopoly than a true monopoly.

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PapaBop1608d ago

Well he isn't nicknamed Randy Bitchford for nothing.

rainslacker1607d ago

He's also pretty shady in general.

VTKC1608d ago

Bitch and moan? We will see who be bitching and moaning when your product doesnt sell as well as it should. A certain company already been down that road.

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Father__Merrin1608d ago

in another few years epic is likely to trunce steam. EGS will be a world wide phenomena and is likely the goto place for pc gaming

Hungryalpaca1608d ago

Why you support shitty business is beyond me.

PapaBop1608d ago

Perhaps they should have released it in a few years when it was good and ready then instead of throwing around their Fortnite money on trying to force gamers into using it.

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opc1607d ago

Epic Games Store is just a store though.

Steam is Platform supported by hardware and features that has a store inside of it.

If Epic is only interested in being a store, they should probably start selling Steam keys like Humble, GMG, Amazon... because people love those stores.

rainslacker1607d ago

I dunno about trounce them, but I think they'll improve their store over time, and with enough time, people will hate them like they hate steam now. Hate, but still use. Eventually, the stores will just be two options with relatively equal features, and it may even help each store be more innovative and offer benefits for the customers.

the biggest thing I can't take seriously with all the hate towards epic's store now is that it was hate before they really did anything that was worth hating on. I do think Epic should have fleshed out the store a bit more before going all in.

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