Gearbox Game Director Speaks Out About Borderlands 3 Bonus Fiasco

Gearbox Game Director speaks out against reports of employees being "stiffed on their bonuses" as reported a few weeks ago by Kotaku.

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Ricegum1249d ago

Wow. So there is more to this story after all. Goes to show how quick people are to jump the gun nowadays.

porkChop1249d ago

The thing is, even if this is true it doesn't justify how he spoke to his employees.

People made financial decisions based on the 5 to 6 figure bonuses they were promised they would get. If you missed the mark and can't pay out that much, fine. I get it. Shit happens. But you tell them that with some respect and compassion.

You don't talk with a rude tone. And you don't heartlessly tell people to go find another job if they don't like it, especially with the current situation around the world.

Randy acted like an asshole, and he shouldn't be forgiven for that. I mean the guy has previously been called out for assaulting and threatening employees. There are serious issues with how he conducts himself.

What makes it more sad is that Randy constantly retweets the Dalai Lama's tweets about respect and such. He puts up this good guy persona while treating his employees like dirt.

ElementX1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Come on, you never count a bonus as income until you get it. It's stupid to make expensive plans with money you don't have. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation should be a lesson to everybody.

porkChop1249d ago


Oh I agree. Don't spend money until you have money. But given how Gearbox and 2K have been constantly talking about how successful BL3 is? Can't blame people for believing that bonus was a sure thing.

LucasRuinedChildhood1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

@ElementX Bonuses are a huge part of Gearbox's payment model. Employees get below average wages but large bonuses based on the company's profits and, most importantly, Gearbox touts this model to attract talented employees. It's a bit more complicated than you're making it out to be.

Side note: this article is poorly written.
"However, Gearbox’s CEO Randy Pitchford announced in a private company meeting, that due to higher than expected development costs. These bonuses would be significantly smaller than expected."
"He cites that just because Gearbox is transparent with its expectations and numbers. That does not mean these numbers were ever promised by management."

ElementX1249d ago

I know how the bonuses work, I read about them the other day. That clip is perfect for this occasion, though!

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xX-oldboy-Xx1249d ago

Randy is indefensible at this point. His downfall will be legendary - I see a NETFLIX doco in his future.

L7CHAPEL1248d ago

absolutely, and I'm sure when they were talking about bonuses, initially, he made it sound like it was going to be a sure thing, once it crossed a certain threshold, I have no doubt of that.
he is a consummate liar.

Hungryalpaca1248d ago

Ah yes. Rice gum. The guy who is against the common man. Keep on being a shill Rice. Keep on.

Rachel_Alucard1249d ago

They still got shafted he's just trying to say "But look what else we did!" getting 30% of the company does not mean you get any more on your bonus.

TheLigX1248d ago

Actually, employee ownership is a really big deal, and it changes my perspective a bit.

Rachel_Alucard1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

It doesn't mean you have any control over anything, you'd need at least 51% for that. For all we know he probably just gave out 5% control to 6 upper management employees based on his wording. The only thing they'd be getting is 20% of the issued and outstanding shares.

IanTH1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

They took Epic's money, sold gangbusters on PC AND consoles, and just recently hit Steam - if they didn't get what they were expecting, that's a failure of leadership. The people at the top, who are most able to deal with a shortfall, should take a cut to their earnings to help cover some of the losses for the people who are immeasurably more important to getting the actual product made.

Something tells me the higher ups didn't end up getting less than they were expecting - especially when we know Randy has taken money out of pooled company funds before. The "find another job" thing was just the mustard on the shit sandwich.

InUrFoxHole1248d ago

Randy is a bum. I hope he falls horribly with no rebound in sight. We have not forgotten aliens!

xTonyMontana1248d ago

A play on words for one of my favourite movies, Gearbox, shut your dog up, it's barking.

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