Gearbox 'Looking Into' Explanation Of Why Aliens Was So Different To Demo

"That is understood and fair and we are looking at that. Lots of info to parse, lots of stake holders to respect."

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Dailynch3857d ago

We need answers!!!!! Come on, tell us what happened already.

zeal0us3857d ago

Excuses only satisfy the person who is the making the excuse rather than the person/people they are trying to convince.

TimmyShire3857d ago

It's a bit weird the difference though. I mean, I don't care really - all I know is that it doesn't look very good.

ape0073857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

maybe because of different developers, remember need for speed hot pursuit 2 2002 on ps2 was the best version, it was a different build than gamecube and xbox versions, the gameplay itself (even gfx) was way better than GC and xbox versions ps2 GC Xbox

SilentNegotiator3857d ago

It is NOT due to multiple developers. They did not make 2 completely different versions of Aliens and the Wii U version isn't going to be a completely different game. Gearbox had full coordination of the game; there was not room for reasonable "confusion".

Demiurge Studios ports games and does grunt work for other studios. They've made one original game in their entire existence and it was generally considered mediocre.

As for the games that Demiurge Studios has done some WORK on, sure, many of those were great games, but Demiurge Studios contributions weren't the reason; those games were good because the controlling developers made a great game.

And the problems are FUNDAMENTAL, not just technical. Like AI.

BattleTorn3857d ago

I think EVERYONE needs to see this video!!

Comparing old demo footage, to retail PC version.

Hellsvacancy3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

That video really does show how it looked to how it is

+1 to you

Root3857d ago

Why is he looking into it

He probably bloody knows why this has happened, hell it was probably his plan

aLiEnViSiToR3856d ago

I think they use some new engine on demo but some thing changed (money?) and they decided to change the engine for final version... well that's my theory at least.

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Godmars2903857d ago

Saying "We'll tell you as so as we figure one out" is not a good sign.

Reborn3857d ago

If they don't even know what happened, then who does?

PopRocks3593857d ago

There probably was an essence of general oversight. Whoever designed the demo clearly did not have part in the final product. Maybe Gearbox's outsourcing led to just that and no one fully kept track of it.

The development of this game has apparently been sloppy enough to justify such a theory. I really would not put it past them at this point.

landog3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

pc version looks great, gameplay, ehhh....its a $10 game at most for me, a good friend is a die hard aliens fanboy, and he loves the game, happy he spent $44 (pre-order discount from steam or gmg i think)

graphically, it looks very nice running maxed out on pc, and it is locked at perfect 60 frames at all times, alien designs are very nice, and the ships and landscapes captures the early movies well

other than that, after spending a bit of time with it, it feels like a budget shooter, clunky movement animations, dumb ai, weird enemy pathing.... i will wait till it hits a budget price!

andron3857d ago

This is bull. Even if Gearbox outsourced dev duties they should have some kind of quality assurance or supervision in place. No way was this train wreck a surprise to them on release day? Then they weren't doing their jobs anyway...

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