Gearbox – “We don’t ever try to take political stances when we’re designing”

Nicholson said that, first and foremost, Gearbox “wants to make really cool stuff.”

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-Foxtrot1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Even though I didn't think it was the end of the world, I thought Borderlands 3 really pushed female characters while male ones were pushed to the back.

I mean Lilith, Maya, Ava, Tannis, Ellie, Tyreen, Tina, Lorelei seemed more heavy to the overall story.

Marcus was in his shop as always, Hammerlock and Wainwright were stuck to one planet, Rhys was did all wrong, Scooter was killed off in another game, Brick and Mordecai two ORIGINAL vault hunters were like Tina's henchmen and didn't even go to help Lilith in her fight, Mr Torgue didn't even get to see in person, Typhon DeLeon got a silly ass send off which felt pointless, Troy was the better two of the twins and should have been the final boss in a twist but was killed off first.

I love most of the female characters like Lilith, Maya and Tannis but when you can see favouritism showing and characters like Brick / Mordecai who have been in since the start are pushed to the back it does make you think they could balance them out. Even make Marcus more of a character, get him involved more and HELL...where was Dr Zed?

rainslacker1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Most of the male characters you mention weren't very big focal points in the other games. I do agree that Rhys was poorly utilized though. Despite the heavy female presense aboard Sanctuary, I was disappointed that Fiona wasn't in the game. Her sister just had a picture on Rhys desk, and there was a vague mention from Zero about one of them disappearing and not wanting to be found....hoping that's a DLC story thing. Probably the most interesting characters in the BL universe, besides handsome Jack, and Rhys was kind of a baffoon, and the whole dudebro Vaughn was stretched to the point of being ridiculous....even by BL standards.

Anyhow, Ava was pointless, and had more agency to the story than your own character, which is back to traditional BL fare. I was hopeful after TPS that maybe they'd fix the problem with the story where you are just an errand boy for these other characters doing things.

I do like Tannis's expanded role though. I wasn't a big fan of hers in the other games, but this one she had a lot of personality. That said, I'm still wondering why the writers are making everyone into a siren. For something that apparently can only have 7 of them in the universe at any one time, they sure do seem to be cropping up everywhere.

The cast from the first game was mostly pretty piss poor in BL3. Lillith was just self-pity and pointless commanding to go somewhere and do something while she argued with Ava. Something they already did in BL2, and the commander Lillith DLC. Tina was her normal self, but seemed to lack much character as they played the hipster teenage girl persona up too much. Mordecai just seemed like a stoner. Brick was about himself, but again, lacked much personality. Kind of like he was bored. Wainwright was a huge cliche, even by Borderlands standards, and his relationship with Hammerlock seemed kind of shallow. Maybe the new DLC will fix that. I was going to mention Dr. Zed, then you finished up with him. nothing but his normal vending machine quips.

Still....they did make the most annoying character a woman. that would be that one AR quest. "I'm under attack, protect me". Had to be the most annoying voice I've ever heard in the history of gaming...and I grew up during the 90's anime game dub hellscape.

gold_drake1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

well, the Sirens have always been a major part of the series, so thats one reason why the focus is on them, Brick and Mordecai didnt have a big role in bdl2 aswell, and they were "just" playable characters without a whole lot of bkstory or direct involvement in the story, since u can play the same game with the the same story with 4 different characters.
Marcus is the first person u talk to in 1 and 2 and also a retailer and the storyteller
Scooter was killed of, thats true, but hemade an impact in that game.
the rest are just npcs who give u missions.

so i wouldnt say that there was favouritism since all of them.played there roles.
i actually missed Gaige and Axton in 3.

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Gameseeker_Frampt1291d ago

You claim that it is showing favoritism through the way that Brick, Mordecai, and Marcus were treated yet Moxxi and Tiny Tina were right there with those characters being neglected. I'm really tired of people trying to push their political agenda when criticizing a game. You must have never played Borderlands before - with Commandant Steele as the main villain, Helena Pierce the main NPC opposing the Crimson Lance, and Angel the NPC you talk with the most in the game - if you are upset by the female representation in Borderlands 3.

There were plenty of things wrong with Borderlands 3 yet for some having "more" females than males and a gay couple are the problems and not the lack of bank space, no firing range, poor level design, and unoriginal enemy types.

-Foxtrot1291d ago

Mad Moxxi and Tina were used way more than the others

Axton, Kreig, Salvador...other vault hunters weren’t even present aswell so

Gameseeker_Frampt1291d ago


"Axton, Kreig, Salvador...other vault hunters weren’t even present aswell so"

It's amusing that you cannot even keep your bias out of the response. Gaige also wasn't present but I guess that doesn't matter since it goes against the point you are trying to make. Borderlands 3 had one male and one female returning Vault Hunter as NPCs and somehow desperate people are making that into some sort of pro-female favoritism. Did you even notice that most of the new NPCs are male in Borderlands 3 or does that fact also not matter?

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Spurg1292d ago

That is an outright lie.
The goddamn ending had the song "this girl is on fire".
The male characters were useless and there was a huge focus on females and a whole chapter based on the LGBT relationship between Hammerlock and the other guy.

rainslacker1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

He didn't say they don't use political topics, just that they don't try to take political stances. I can't see how they can make a borderlands game without having some kind of thematic references or plot points related to any current political thing going on in the world.

Even Handsome Jack was a kind of politicized characterture. He basically said and did everything that offended people, and didn't care what people thought of it. He was also the personification of corporate greed, and systematic tyrannical power.

Sono4211291d ago

The thing is, I could handle all this feminist garbage being shoved down my throat if it didn't effect the story, but the thing is... I feel like it did.

Why did Lilith choose Ava to be the new leader? Literally all she did was disobey a direct order, which then got her mentor/sister killed (Maya) Then proceeded to whine and complain about it the rest of the game constantly blaming Lilith for what was clearly her fault, then fast forward to the end of the game and for absolutely no reason whatsoever Lilith chooses her to be the new leader, even though she literally did absolutely nothing the entire game.. she didn't prove how useful/mature she was... nothing, just took Maya's powers, that's it. I feel like the writers simply chose her cause "Girl power" ugh such a disappointing sequel, good thing the combat holds up.

rainslacker1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Yeah, giving Ava the Crimson Raiders seemed really dumb. It's not like she learned or matured any by the end of the game. She wasn't even a vault hunter, just came in after you cleared the way, and only had a marginal role in doing anything worthwhile, which was protecting the others during the continuation scene with a shield.

Tannis would have made more sense, because at least she was smart and proactive in trying to stop the twins from winning. Heck, it would have made more sense to give it to one of the new vault hunter characters, or Brick, because at least Brick had leadership experience with that group of his from BL2.

I think they chose Ava because she's just going to be the next cool character they build up. They didn't do it in the game itself though, so the conclusion fell flat. She wasn't even a very interesting character. Maybe some future DLC will make her better, because Lillith wasn't really that much of a leader either, and then BL2 last DLC at least tried to make her more of a leader, albeit a reluctant one...which she apparently was again in BL3 after she lost her powers.

Sometimes, I think trying to find rhyme or reason within the BL universe is a wasted effort. It has potential, like TPS, which had a great story and gave your character agency to what was going on. And then of course, TFTBL had a superb story. There is a lot of potential within the lore of the world, they just seem to fail at it in the main games. When you really think about it, even BL2, which was great, had the same story failings as the other games. But, Handsome Jack really carried the game on his own. He'll be hard to top, and even his brief retro-story elements in BL3 were better than the main game's plot.

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TheGamez1001292d ago

Lol it was obv the feminism was quite high with the bl3 story.

winter_hill1292d ago

I can't believe they actually had the balls to say that with a straight face. Oh sorry.....I meant a non-binary lgbt face.

BlackIceJoe1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Is this a joke, did Gearbox forget what they said about Claptrap and Fl4k? Then how people were getting banned if they called the robots by a different gender.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I1291d ago

^This. They were making a huge deal over that. To make sure you call a robot “It” rather than him. This type of garbage is really getting old.

At least they stopped using the horrible slur “midget” with the release of Borderlands 3. Lol

rainslacker1291d ago

They said that about clap trap? His personality, and even he seems to have a distinctly male personality. Doesn't he refer to himself as a male, and doesn't he often talk about how he's a ladies man(or robot) through insinuation? He even made a reference to all the ladies on Sanctuary being aboard Claptraps love boat. That female robot he made in BL3 was distinctly female as well, and when completed completely tore him down when he asked if she wanted to be his girlfriend(the term he actually used). Fl4K I can maybe understand, but he also seemed to have a distinctly male personality.

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