Gearbox’s Borderlands patch is an example for us all

Play-mag: "Gearbox are to release a new patch for Borderlands. That might not seem like big news, but to me it really is, and it’s a shining example to the rest of the industry on how they should be operating."

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Nihilism4703d ago (Edited 4703d ago )

People are too quick to hand out praise. Let's look at it realistically, the reason it had a level cap at all is because of the DLC incentive it offered with a level cap increase. If they hadn't gimped the game to nickel and dime everyone who bought the vanilla game then there would be no need for this patch.

Secondly. The GOTY edition DOESN'T EVEN HAVE THE CONTENT ON THE DISK!?!?!?!?!?!?

wtf is that. 5.4gb download mandatory when you buy the goty edition, on top of that it requires a patch to be able to play the DLC out of the box...shouldn't they have waited, released the content on disk, with the latest patch?

toaster4703d ago

Borderlands didn't even get any GOTY awards.. most boring FPS in recent history.

GOTY editions are supposed to be the definitive edition, meaning shouldn't need a fucking five and a half gig patch. Everything should already be on disk. As far as I'm concerned, Gearbox is one of the laziest and most unreliable developers ever along with Obsidian and Rockstar.

gamer81794702d ago

Most boring fps in recent history? No that award goes to killzone 2.

NecrumSlavery4702d ago

it did win some awards, and was the second bet multiplat of 2009, next to Arkham Asylum in my opinion. It's a FPSRPG and it poops on COD.

-Ikon-4702d ago

Everything wouldn't fit on the 360. Or it would have been multiple discs!! Thats why you have to download it.

AntoineDcoolette4702d ago

^ BUT WHY MAKE THE PS3 VERSION SUFFER! WWHHHYYYTYYY!!! The dudes at Mercury Steam had the courtesy to put Lords of Shadow on 2 360 discs!

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jagstatboy4702d ago

"vanilla game", lol are you serious...Borderlands is easily in the top 5 games of 2009 and has loads of content, especially with the high-quality (save one) DLC.

Gearbox and 2K Games are amongst the best devs/pubs out there.

Nihilism4702d ago

...You don't know what vanilla means do you, when something is vanilla, you are referring to the original, in the case of Borderlands it means the game minus and patches or DLC...the vanilla game was certainly lacking.

jagstatboy4702d ago

I know what you meant by vanilla and I was just adding in the DLC to explain why it's one of the best games out there. The game w/o the dlc still provides hours upon hours of gameplay and awesome weapons, and online/offline co-op.

XXXCouture4703d ago

patches are good no doubt, but the time they spend on pacthing a 1 year old? time they could use polishing their titles in production

ianos4703d ago

That's the point though - they're putting aside time to add to the old game. It's not just a patch, it's the kind of content a lot of other developers would release as DLC and charge players to play.

Instead they're releasing it for free, giving a new lease of life to a year-plus old game.

outwar60104702d ago

all glitches should be patched and loyal players should be rewarded i didnt like borderland(i preffered the version before the restyle)but all companies should behave like this. Criterion is another epic company that dont ignore their fanbase.

WildArmed4703d ago (Edited 4703d ago )

Criterion also supported Burnout P. ALOT long after launch!
Same goes for Warhawk.

These are shining example of support for their game.

Only if more dev did the same.(though I understand that publishers and financial issues are taken into account for such matters)

Though I hate the upcoming trend of the DLC not being on the GoTY editions.

First Uncharted 2 GotY and now this?
Really? I know it's a way to combat used game sales, but it defeats the purpose of GoTy edition really.

ianos4703d ago

Burnout Paradise - good call. Criterion did excellent work there.

DelbertGrady4703d ago

I have the Secret armory DLC but haven't finished it yet. One of my favorite games this gen.

Also, I hope Criterion give the same attention to N4S Hot Pursuit as they gave Burnout Paradise. Or to be fair, I hope EA lets them.

toaster4702d ago

Valve still updates Half Life 2 every other week. I think they should win an award or something for their contribution to gaming. Did I mention everything other than the vanilla game is free?

outwar60104702d ago

the orange box for ps3 says WTF???!!!

vhero4702d ago

Yep only a few devs continue to support a game so long after launch and these games become shining examples of what yo can do. Criterion probably did the biggest changes as they basically made burnout paradise into a whole new game.

WildArmed4702d ago

Yeah, adding challenges, bikes, night/day.
I have much respect for Criterion.
They are my fav. devs this gen.

I've only liked 2-3 racing games.. and burnout paradise is the reason why I still look @ the racing genre.
Otherwise I'd just stop bothering w/ Racing games.

But damn, i had soo much fun in BP..
It's disappointing that NFS isn't open world like BP..
I kinda loved that about Bp.

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yess4703d ago

Borderlands = Good entertainment, again and again.

This and Warhawk, never let me down, allways ready to pick up and play.
Keep it comming.

Game on...

strickers4703d ago

Best DLC so far BUT this patch should have launched with the last DLC.I've finished it with no XP and although I will go back for the weapons and another crack at Crawmerax,I'd rather have done it all in one hit.

PainisCupcake4702d ago

This is why i waited for the patch before i played the dlc.