Hands-on With Forza Motorsport: Back on Track - IGN

IGN : After six long years we’ve finally played the next evolution of Forza Motorsport: here are our first impressions.

BestBusdriver1d 10h ago

All nice tracks that where in forza 7 are gone. It even has less tracks. Xbox is dead for hardcore gamers

itsmebryan1d 10h ago (Edited 1d 10h ago )

Are you saying it has less tracks than previous Forza or GT7? Have they given a final list of all the tracks?

PunksOnN4G1d 10h ago

It has Much less tracks then GT7 had at launch and yes there is a track list seen it on twitter most coming enxt year they said

execution171d ago

The fan favorite maps aren't going to be in game until next spring

sagapo14h ago

Revealed so far: (not final as far as I know…)
Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
Eaglerock Speedway
Grand Oak Raceway
Hakone Circuit
Homestead-Miami Speedway
Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit
Le Mans - Circuit International de la Sarthe
Lime Rock
Maple Valley
Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
Mugello Circuit
Nürburgring GP*
Road America
Silverstone Circuit
Suzuka Circuit
Virginia International Raceway
Watkins Glen International Speedway
WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca

Mugello and Maple Valley are my 2 favourites here. Francorchamps also really nice.

Agent751d 10h ago

God, these games will never change.

bababooiy1d 9h ago

Its so stupid how in third person you get this nice wide angle yet somehow in first person its like youre missing one eye. I hope theres FOV sliders.

porkChop1d 9h ago

Yeah the cockpit view is usually far too narrow in racing games. I remember the one in NFS Shift being pretty much perfect though.

RupeeHoarder1d 4h ago (Edited 1d 4h ago )

I think the problem is if they increase FOV in cockpit view it’s 1) harder to see further into the distance and 2) the depth perception is off for turns. I’d like a bit more of a view also but I worry about these things.

Father__Merrin14h ago

NFS shift 1 was amazing. The sound and the announcer really got you fired up. Gaming was brilliant back then

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