Here are the 700+ games on the new PS Plus in North America

The North American version of Sony’s revamped PlayStation Plus service has gone live in the region, confirming several new games and NTSC versions of PSOne classics.

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darthv72456d ago

only 37 of those are PS1/2 classics. Im sure that number will grow. I bought a few PS1 games on my PS3 but none of which are currently part of the new + service. One day though.... hopefully.

Eonjay456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

Updates are twice a month. I think the first batch of additions is this Wednesday (unless they skip the first one then its July). Of the 780 games on their now, @darth, whats grabbing your attention? Highlights for me are Demons Souls, Wild Arms (and other classic RPGs), Spiderman MM and GoT Directors Cut. The only thing I wish was diffierent was downloadable PS3 games. That being said, I can identify at least a couple hundred games I'm gonna play. For the classics, I would like to see them add Tekken 3, more PSP games, XenoGears (and hell do XenoSaga too), Digimon World 3, Metal Gear... I'm awaiting the 'oponion' hit piece articles claiming that PSPlus has too many games lol (spoiler it really does 🤣)

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darthv72456d ago

i was just surprised at the ratio of classics is so small. I guess i was expecting more based on how many digital games were released on the PS store back in the day. But like i said (and you too) is they will add more over time. It takes time to patch and verify each game so it will be a while before Gaia Seed and R-Type Delta make their appearance.

As for more modern ones in the service, demons souls and returnal pique my interest.

Eonjay456d ago


Funny story, I was just watching a Lords of Shadow 2 stream a few days ago and I saw it on the list this morning. I have always wanted to play. I'm gonna trust you and give the streaming a try. For the love of God I have been praying for either local emulation or in lieu of that impossible request I was praying that the Sony/Microsoft Azure deal would bear some fruit. Off the top of your head do you know if I have a PS3 save in the cloud, can I use it on the PS3 streaming service?

Eonjay456d ago


I mean I agree with you I want more. Lets cross our fingers and hope we get like 5 to 10 additions a month. You are right though it will take time especially if they want to add trophies but realistically, they could do 10 a month for 5 years straight and still would only scratch the surface. Maybe they can take that extra money they make off of Premium and use that to expidite more additions. Let it pay for itself.

Also good luck to you with Demons Souls and Returnal. These are two rewarding and punishing games. I see you like challenges!

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Lexreborn2456d ago


I’ve been playing the cloud based games since now was released And even Xcloud. I stopped playing them earlier this year because they were just bad.

I swapped ISP a month ago and hadn’t tried either since. But I tried today because my friend was asking and I was pretty shocked at the difference. It was actually playing pretty smooth.

I’m going to have to test xcloud out again to because I was baffled by the improvements. Even Valhalla played well at 1080p ps5 version but I think I would still go for local download for higher resolution.

Petebloodyonion456d ago

Lord of Shadow 2 is one of my favorite games of the 360/Ps3 Era
finished the game on all systems available (360/Ps3 and PC) I never figured why the review ripped this game open for things that was present in other games like the 6 time you had to stealth was the main reasons to turn this game down despite being 20 min in the whole game.
And I can't get enough of the Toymaker

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blackblades455d ago

Apparently I got some, some I didn't know about which I think we got free ps1 games with ps+ back on ps3

brewin456d ago

They should definitely put the PS5 version of Spider Man on there. Unlock it from Miles already!

Christopher456d ago

I feel if it goes to PC, it should definitely be on PS Extra.

brewin456d ago

I want to finally complete the DLC but don't want to pay the tax to play the upgraded version..I'm such a cheap ass when it comes to that stuff.

Spartacus10456d ago

They'll use it as a PS+ essential monthly game at some point before they add it to the extra tier games list

Mobis-New-Nest456d ago

Does anyone know if the PS1 and PS3 games come with Flash Save (Save anywhere)

Class_Viceroy456d ago

I don’t understand how anyone in the world can get upset for having a library like this for $100 annually.

Are you going to play all 700? Of course not. But guarantee for the price of less than 2 video games a year you’re going to find 20-30 games that can keep you busy. Not to mention the potential future of exclusives and partnerships they inevitably will procure.

Every gamer should celebrate MS and Sony instead of looking for reasons to bash Sony and compare to MS. For like $250/year we have access to over a thousand games at all times between both services. For 90% of gamers this is a huge win.

If someone told you this a decade ago you would of drug tested them. I don’t miss the days of spending $100/month on video games

TheGreatGazoo30456d ago

It's less than the price of two NEW videos games per year. Most of these are games you probably already played and can be purchased for less than $10. It also sucks to have to subscribe to play games you already own on the platform. It's great as a 1-2 month nestalgia trip, but makes no sense to pay annually for.

Class_Viceroy456d ago

You’re telling me in a library of 700 games I’ve probably already played most of them? Hmmm
that’s a heck of an assumption.

I went through the list and highlighted 50-70 games (didn’t keep count) that I would consider playing, including Valhalla which only started to get discounted recently. I see plenty of value for $100 (keep in mind I’m already paying for PS Plus so it’s really only $50 I’m value we have to consider for the upgraded tier)

VivaLaManual455d ago

Speak for yourself. I've already identified no less than 20 games I want to play. So even if all are $10 (they aren't all that cheap currently), it's still a deal for only $120 a year. And I still haven't browsed everything, so I know I'll find more. Plus they keep adding more games.

KillBill455d ago

Point being that it is not new video games. It is little different than video streaming services that only offer tons of old monies but never offers new movies. Sure it is something you might think of subscribing to but the lack of any real new titles is very much the kicker here. Day 1 video games need to be prioritized for the PS+ to be worth really any long term subscription. We already have huge libraries of older backlog games and people buy new games for a reason... because they are new. Until Sony opts into a the Day 1 releases then the subscription will simply be Cable TV compared to Netflix.

crazyCoconuts456d ago

$100 a month on games? Er... I can't see that being a common scenario.
And people aren't getting upset about the offering, they're getting upset about what they believe it's doing to the industry.

Class_Viceroy456d ago

If you own a PC, Xbox and PS 5-10 years ago you could easily spend that much on games.

Especially having 3 kids.

RedDevils455d ago

Damn you spoils your kids, not judging.

cluclap455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

I definitely spend more than $100/months months games and many of my friends do as well. But I have a ps5, a gaming PC and a steam deck so that's buying games between all those platforms, plus gamepass and ps plus subscription. My wife and daughter also game with me as well.

crazyCoconuts455d ago

I have a ps5, gaming PC, and something like a steam deck. Also have 2 kids that mostly play F2P games or things from my existing library via game sharing. It takes me about a month to get through a single average sized game like guardians of the Galaxy which I paid $20 for. I rarely buy brand new, and grab every free epic game, so admittedly I'm on the cheap side. I also save anything physical for my bday and Xmas list so ppl have something to give me. Between sales and free games from ps plus and Epic I've never spent less for games than I have lately

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Crows90456d ago

Why would you ever spend $100 on videogames.

Holy cow. Well I guess if you have the finances for that...geez.
I spend like 100-150 in a year. So far I've spent a whopping $0 of my money on video games this year. Trade credit is nice.

Christopher456d ago

Everyone is different and wants something different.

Class_Viceroy456d ago

3 kids who play games on top of myself. Very easy to hit that amount.

I mean yeah I’m blessed to be able to afford it I know not everyone does. But I also don’t buy into the fact that a lot of people don’t spend that much. People spent that much in 1 week at the bar, fast food and Starbucks. $100 isn’t that much

RedDevils455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

Better than spend on movies, Netflix or Disney subscriptions. $100 buck is not even half of my day work lol