Here’s why Deus Ex and Tomb Raider could thrive under Embracer

From VGC: "The Final Fantasy publisher hadn’t indicated any desire to make a big Western acquisition. In fact, the year before it had attempted to acquire Japanese publisher Tecmo, which was best known for games like Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden.

On one side, it felt like an opportunistic move. Eidos’ market valuation was low, and the currency situation between the UK and Japan was favourable. But it also made a lot of sense. There was significant anxiety that the Japanese games market was shrinking, and Square Enix was unsure of how successful its brands could be outside of its home country.

Acquiring a business with a deep understanding of the European and US markets, plus the likes of Tomb Raider and Hitman, gave Square Enix a real opportunity to become a major global player. It also felt like a decent partner for Eidos. Its core brands – Tomb Raider and Championship Manager in particular – were no-longer delivering significant results."

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Sciurus_vulgaris498d ago

The recent Tomb Raider and Deus Mankind Divided where high budget titles, with budgets of around a 50-100 million each.I don’t recall Embracer group every funding high budget AAA titles.

porkChop498d ago

The new Saints Row? Embracer also owns Gearbox and 4A Games. They own multiple publishers, such as THQ Nordic and Koch Media. They have more than 100 studios are 850 IP.

VenomUK498d ago

if/when the Activision Blizzard deal gos approved I see Crystal Dynamics and the Tomb Raider IP being a natural target for Microsoft ad the studio is currently building the Perfect Dark game and MS had paid for timed Tomb Raider exclusivity. I’m not saying I want it to happen, just that it’s a real possibility.

gamer7804498d ago

And the latest tombraider were mediocre straying from what made them popular. I welcome a new direction and return to form.

Andy_Dee498d ago

Wrong. Shadow of the tomb raider went more towards the original formula.

Should maybe check it out before blurting out Amber Turds..

chronoforce497d ago

Yay, back to moving Lara like she is a Sherman.

pietro1212497d ago

Those very games carried the franchise lifelong sales… at least half of them.

gamer7804497d ago

@andy I’ve beaten every single tombraider except angel of darkness. I’ve seen all the movies and have most of the comics. I know what I like, if you feel differently so be it but my opinion is highly informed.

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darthv72498d ago

Id love to see CD revisit some of their premier IPs. Like Total Eclipse and Crash n Burn. Recapture that feeling of first time seeing those on the 3do but with modern gameplay, graphics and controls.

RaidenBlack497d ago

Yea ... I want CD to revisit franchises other than the same'ol Tomb Raider.
Hopefully after their Perfect Dark stint and the UE5 TR, they'll venture other franchise possibilities.

neutralgamer1992498d ago

Embracer group has a lot of resources but they don't want to fund big AAA games unless it's a sure thing

They want to manage a strict budget to make sure one or two bad performing games don't hurt the whole company. Basically being responsible with their resources and knowing not all games need 50 million budget and I like this because they will fund AA games too not just AAA

I feel like right now there is a huge AAA and Indie market but the in-between market of AA games have shrunk

MehmetAlperTR497d ago

They are the one who ruined Darksiders series with Darksiders 3! So dont get hyped.

lellkay497d ago

I just want a Legacy of Kain collection

Exvalos497d ago (Edited 497d ago )

That's what im hoping for 2

metabolicfrolic497d ago

Like for real. I just want a collection that works on modern hardware. The PC ports are so garbage.

lellkay496d ago

I know, i've jumped through so many loops to make them somewhat playable, just give me a PS5 port.