How Xbox is turning the next Forza Motorsport into an RPG | MobileSyrup

In a hands-off demo in Los Angeles, Turn 10 creative director Chris Esaki showed off the latest Forza Motorsport -- here's what we learned.

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Jin_Sakai91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

CaRPG aside this just didn’t impress me visually. GT7 looks better. Heck, I’d even say Forza Horizon 5 looks better and it’s open world.

KingKionic 91d ago

That pic definitely seems sketchy in comparison but this part in the Career Mode showing the new time and day cycle is much better.

Its gonna be legit.

Tacoboto91d ago

This level of trolling is beneath you, Jin. I wouldn't have expected you to be one of the types to do something as... Specific... as doing YouTube frozen-frame comparisons of two different games recorded in different ways with unknown base-upload quality.

Nevermind that the only thing similar between the two is the car. Different roads, different lighting, entirely different racing conditions and the PS5 picture doesn't even have one other vehicle in it.

343_Guilty_Spark91d ago

You give him too much credit. It’s entirely predictable.

darthv7291d ago

John at DF is planning on doing a full review of FM8 with comparison to GT7. Like he did with FM7 with GTS.

Hypertension14090d ago

I'm looking forward to that, from the footage I've seen so far GT 7 looks better to me, especially car models.

IRetrouk90d ago

Will he use the xbox version this time or pc again though🤔

KingKionic 91d ago

I watched the full demo and it was very very nice. Builders Cup Career mode will get new cars and tracks directly into the mode.Challenge the grid is dope now for managing your winnings chances and disadvantages. I love the way the car mastery for leveling up the car itself is slick. You get car points no different like a character and now if you get a car part you dont want and remove it get those car points back.

Tacoboto91d ago

Yep, continuing the trend set by GT for all campaign progress. Unfortunate they're doing the same

rlow191d ago (Edited 91d ago )

What I thought is cool, was the video of a blind person being able to play the game very well. Now that’s what I call accessibility.

Flawlessmic91d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this, iv put in close to 200 hrs in gt7 so hopefully forza takes it to another level and they just keep pushing each other.

Its looking like it will be another brillant racer from turn 10, October can't come soon enough!

Flawlessmic90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

So I just watched the ign career mode walkthrough and........ what the actual fuck.

Your telling me I need to use a car to actually start unlocking any upgrades for it.

How long will I need to use a car before I can fully upgrade it the way I want.

Part of the joy of these games is building up your credits and then splurging on the cars you want and making them power houses immediatly

This just severely limits the amount of car you will use in the game unless you just want to drive everything stock which goes against everything we love about these types of games.

Ffs I was so pumped for this and now my hype just died in the ass, besides the racing the tuning is the most important thing and now they locked it behind time sinks.

I swear to God if there is a microtransaction that allows you to fully master a car, I'm rioting lolllllll

Also just ruined online races with freinds as well were we pick all pick the same car and tune them to a set level before racing and then keep changing the cars every couple of races or so in gt7. Looks like gt will still be the go to for online

mark_parch90d ago

i think they said it takes roughly 1 to 2 hours to max a car out plus you can re-allocate points whenever you want. i actually prefer this system of earning upgrades but i can see why some people don't.

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