I No Longer Think Subscriptions Like PS Plus & Xbox Game Pass Are the Future of Gaming

Gaming is a much more active hobby than movies or music, where the commitment is much smaller. A film takes, on average, two hours to watch; a full-length album about 45 minutes to listen to. And, crucially, you can combine these things with other activities: People listen to music and podcasts while you’re at the gym, and you’ll sometimes watch television shows while you’re doom scrolling on your phone. Neither of these things are possible with games, where the vast majority of releases demand your entire attention — usually for tens if not hundreds of hours.

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LG_Fox_Brazil137d ago

I am actually surprised someone would think that subscriptions services were the future of gaming at any point

locomorales137d ago

I think it's too soon to discard those services as the future. Things change when people change. Old fellas would stick to the old model, but as Uber proved, a new generation already accept that they don't want cars. The same will eventually happen at games.

Not now, not in one shot, not with old guys and gals.


Most of the new generation can't afford's not they don't want them.

Uber is just a glorified taxi service.

NotoriousWhiz137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

And eventually when new games cost $100 - $150 a pop, will the new generation be able to afford games?

northpaws137d ago

Things work like that, if we don't think it is the future and don't buy into it, then it won't become the future.

The new generation didn't accept that they don't want cars, the new generation is just lazy.

darthv72137d ago

to be fair... it is a generational thing. Conveniences have always been something that younger gens take advantage of vs older ones. Especially as newer conveniences come into the picture. Let's look at food delivery services. My kids order door dash and uber eats instead of going to the store and shopping for food to prepare. I still like to cook, so I go to the store and get stuff to make for dinner. I know there are plenty that once they get hooked on a convenience, its hard to break away.

S2Killinit136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

MS drilled it into their fans that subscription was the end all of gaming. They were so sold that they even failed to see that for all the years Gamepass was a thing they really only had a handful of the infamous “day one” (the real selling point buzz word of gamepass)

Pepsi_Man3000136d ago

I think most if not all of us would like cars so we can take ourselves where we need to go. Theyre just not so easy to afford

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Unknown_Gamer5794137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

MS and other companies paid off the games media to push that narrative, as they want such a future to come true. What better way to DRM games than to have them tied ti a subscription? Getting the media on board with the narrative may mean investors and even the consumer might start to buy it.

What they forget is you have to be the market leader, or at least a close second to have any say in what the future of said market is, and Xbox is a distant third. As there are only three major players, I think that is more like a country that hasn’t made the podium in a long, long time trying to dictate the future of the Olympics.

darkrider137d ago

Exactly. They tried. But they failed big time. It's even worse they made their only customers stop buying games...

IamTylerDurden1137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

It's part of the future but the idea that it's the entire future is undetermined. Rn, Sony is dominating while getting dominated in this area. Idk about future but it's certainly not the present. Ppl still enjoy premium quality and native hardware over streaming and services and gross revenue backs this.

But the great perceived advantage of Gamepass could be nullified instantly. If it truly is the future Sony merely needs to utter one phrase to essentially dominate that space over night. First party day one on Plus.

Jin_Sakai137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

It’s an additional way to play games. That’s about it.

Godmars290137d ago

You mean "access".

One that devalues new releases just like trying to stream major movies instead of theater devalued them.

crazyCoconuts137d ago

I'll say this.. Since I got PS Extra I have spent FAR less $ on games, because I'm biased to play games that are on the service. This can't be good for gaming companies... Can't be sustainable

Knushwood Butt137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

I've spent less too. Kind of regret buying RE4 Remake as I've hardly touched it. I've mainly been playing GT7 (I did spend on psvr2), Far Cry 5, and Far Cry New Dawn. The latter two off Extra, which paid for itself the second I downloaded Stray.

sadraiden136d ago

Don't fret about sustainability. Your favorite game company isn't going anywhere. Microsoft and Playstation pay the publishers to have their games on their streaming platforms.

But also, companies aren't your friends. Don't fetishize capitalism.

crazyCoconuts136d ago

Fetishize capitalism? Wth? Lol
All I'm saying is I think these awesome deals like what we're getting with PS extra won't last forever that's all. I'm not fretting. Plus I don't think the publishers are the ones losing money- it's Sony and MS that probably aren't turning a profit on these services

Leeroyw136d ago

Spare me on your communist ideas. Capitalism gets you your cheap games and means they are reasonably uncensored. See how the opposite of capitalism goes everywhere else when it comes to gaming.

jjb1981136d ago

I agree, the only PS games I've purchased recently are PSVR2 games. I don't use Game Pass anymore. With all the free games I get from Epic and Twitch Prime, I spend even less. The only games I'll be buying this year are TotK, D4 and FFXVI. Everything else is a wait and see where it will be free or on PS Extra.

porkChop137d ago

They were never the future, they're just an option. There will be cases like low income families, for example, that will only sub to GP and PS+. These services are valuable to them, and they wouldn't otherwise have been spending much money on games to begin with.

But people still buy games and people will always buy games. Streaming is super popular in music, TV, and film. People still buy albums, TV show box sets, and blu rays.

shinoff2183137d ago

People do still buy games absolutely but some people haven't been which is a huge cause of concern.

Hofstaderman137d ago

MS is certainly feeling it by their own admission. They used the word “cannabilizing”.

GamesAsAService137d ago

This is the best take so far.

It is just another OPTION.

For some people it makes sense. For others it is not.

I have PS Extra, GP, and still bought the Hogwarts legacy which I enjoyed. I don't often have time to play games at this point in my life, but I can check the PS Extra, GP catalogue when I have some downtime to see if anything peaks my interest.

If something I am really anticipating drops outside of these services, I pick it up.

crazyCoconuts137d ago

You have PS extra, GP, buy games but don't have time to play games. Gotcha

crazyCoconuts137d ago

"People still buy albums, TV show box sets, and blu rays."
Not a lot actually. Those industries have changed dramatically.
In terms of games though as long as subs don't become very popular all is good

PhillyDonJawn137d ago

Just an additional way to play. Why would anyone think subscription gaming only would be the future?