PlayStation Now Loses More Than 200 PS4, PS3 Games As New PS Plus Service Launches

PlayStation Now loses more than 200 games from the service today as a result of the rollout of the new PS Plus tiers in the Americas.

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Silly gameAr456d ago (Edited 456d ago )

Now write about all the games that were gained. I dare you. You won't get the hits that way, though.

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MrBeatdown455d ago

That's a list of games on the service. It doesn't tell you what was added versus what PlayStation Now had.

From that first article alone you could figure out what was removed if you knew it was on there previously. But if we're going by the logic that this warranted a separate article (I think it does), it would be nice if they specified what was added as well.

EmperorDalek455d ago

They already did write about them. Are you saying the headline Is false? It's worth noting, I certainly didn't know that many games were being removed.

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willbillbill454d ago

Not everything is an attack. As someone in the EU I now know I have a week to finish Spec Ops: The Line which I am about 70% finished.

People need to know what is leaving just as much as they need to know what is coming in

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PhoenixUp456d ago

Pour a cold one out for all these titles

SullysCigar455d ago

And for the guys approving them, they deserve credit too!

jeremyj2913455d ago

Wanted Dead reminds me of that game and I can't wait to play it.

FallenAngel1984455d ago

Nice to see a list of all the titles lost

I know what to expect to delete from my hard drive now

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