PlayStation Plus And Xbox Game Pass Need A Shuffle Button

There are too many games, just tell gamers which one to play next.

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porkChop80d ago

There's a feature like that on PC Game Pass where it randomly picks a game for you. I've wondered why it isn't available on console though.

EvertonFC78d ago

Ps plus has a "games you may like" section

northpaws79d ago

Are we really becoming that lazy now? I am getting too old (not enough time) to let a random number generator to tell me which game I should play next.

And then another button that play the game for you? Well, people watch games now on YouTube, more or less the same thing... -_-

SullysCigar79d ago

Maybe a random selection of games you've 'favourited' or 'wish listed' would be better. Otherwise you'll end up declining dozens of shit games (or, inevitably, games they're actively trying to push on you...) and before you know it, you've run out of gaming time!

LucidIllusion79d ago

So they've fully taken control of your brain eh? Can't make an independent decision as a grown man? You and many other people on this planet are fxxked!

Nacho_Z79d ago

I don't think a shuffle option would help this guy. If you're picky and can't decide what to play then having random suggestions thrown at you will get you nowhere.

jznrpg79d ago

I know the games I want to play so a shuffle button is pointless to em.

You can always change your filters if you want to look at them differently