PlayStation Plus Monthly Cost Soars by 600% in Turkey, Sparking Outrage

Sony Interactive Entertainment has left Turkish PlayStation Plus subscribers stunned and infuriated as they announced a staggering price increase of over 600% for the monthly subscription service. Effective immediately, the monthly cost has surged from 400 Turkish Lira (TRY) to a jaw-dropping 2,340 TRY, sending shockwaves through the gaming community.

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JEECE4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

I love how this article leaves out the fact that Turkey has debased the value of its currency so much in recent years that the government has now had to raise the interest rate to 25% to try to address the issue:

To put that in perspective against the inflation problem in the US, the Federal reserve has only raised the interest rate in the US to 5.5% to limit inflation, and people consider that high.

Vengeance11384d ago

Also the exploit article on here that someone bought Turkish PS+ subs until 2050 due to being so dirt cheap.

thesoftware7304d ago (Edited 4d ago )

The article is about PS + though, it is a fact that the cost went up significantly, and people are outraged. The article is not about a country's economics, it is about PS+.

When they raised the price in the States 2 days ago, no article went into the politics of our economy....they just reported the news of the increase.

Your opening sentence implies that the site is misleading people, or attempting to slander when it's clearly not. The price went up a lot and people are mad, Your insight is nice but the article facts remain.

CobraKai4d ago

I think it’s important to look at the whole picture thought

Shane Kim4d ago

Well the dollar isnt getting devalued by the day as the turkish lira is.

VersusDMC4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

If the turkish dollar plumets in value does Sony have to take the hit by keeping the prices the same?

Psextra annual went from 15usd to 87usd for the year which is still cheaper than in the us.

And the article is says monthy Essential went up to 2340lira when it is Annual Extra that is 2340lira.

You should stop believing things just because you want to and actually see if it's true.

EvertonFC4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

GP went up in Turkey by 3 times in June

"Whereas previously in the Turkish Microsoft Store, a Game Pass Ultimate subscription for 1 month cost players 44.99 liras, now the price has increased to 120.99 liras. The price of a regular Game Pass for Xbox in Turkey has increased from 29.99 lira to 79.99 lira"

Yung-T4d ago

That's not how money works, you always have to adjust the price of your product to inflation or deflation, otherwise you'll not make an adequate profit based on the value.
It's 100% tied to the economy of the country.

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Mr_Nobody4d ago

It’s also worth mentioning that the United States has more control of the manipulation of its currency and markets because the dollar, at least for now, is the worlds reserve,

badz1494d ago

I'm good until June next year but was seriously thinking of stacking some more years when the news broke. I didn't though and waited to see if the increase is terrible. And then I saw it, it's almost a 50% increase here in Malaysia from MYR159 to MYR235 for Essential. That's like just over USD50 and what a bummer I didn't stack some more years beforehand. On the other hand, it's still cheaper than in the US and still cheaper than the price of 1 new game, so...I'm just glad it's not 600%!

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Hofstaderman4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Whilst their currency did take a knock, a 600% increase is definitely not justified and based on pure greed. This should serve as a warning for the future some of you numbnuts are promoting, an all digital and subscription future will look like this irrespective of platform.

Yung-T4d ago

How is it "not justified", when that value is literally what the US Dollar gained on Turkish Lira in the last five years?
You are trying to knock this while not having even bothered to look up how the currency developed.

KyRo3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

I don't know how this got more down votes than upvotes. It is nothing more than greed. As a Sony fan all my life , I've never been more concerned as a fan as I am now. No exclusives officially announced outside of Spiderman and Wolverine (Factions 2 is that's still going ahead), console price increases, game increases, sub increases... Eventually people will pushed away or get fed up. This feels like the early PS3 era Sony, where they got to big for their boots all over again.

Hofstaderman3d ago

Thank you for seeing my point. I'm a massive Sony fan but willing to call them out when needed.

raWfodog4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Yeah they closed that loophole quick after the report of that one gamer stacking subs all the way to 2050 for a very low price (compared to US funds).

CrimsonWing694d ago

Geezus, Jimbo when’s enough going to be enough!? You’re already doubling down on GaaS, we’re paying $70 for standard games, I mean what more do you want from us?

VersusDMC4d ago

Ps extra annual went from 15usd to 87usd in Turkey. Which is cheaper than in the us before the us hike.

Do they have to sell a year for PSExtra for 15usd in turkey? Why?

dazzysima4d ago

The average annual salary in Turkey is $4,872 whereas the average annual salary in the US is $59.428.

Today's price hike is the equivalent of PS Plus Extra in the US costing $1,479 a year.

Tacoboto4d ago

Look at the comments above and you'll see it clearly - when it comes to *any* criticism of PlayStation, no matter how direct or indirect, it's immediately Hate the Player, not the Gaming Company.

It doesn't matter how awful they treat their customers when they've got Spider-Man dangling in front of us from his PS exclusive web