PlayStation Plus Premium Shows How Hard It Is To Compete With Game Pass

PlayStation Plus Premium is a decent service, but is a little rough in its current state, something that isn't helped by Game Pass' great offerings.

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Jin_Sakai448d ago

If it’s not got day 1 fist party releases I could care less. That’s where the real value comes into play.

RauLeCreuset448d ago

Your Game Pass hot takes have been something else. Your comment doesn't take into account quality, frequency, or any other factor in determining value. All you care about is "day 1 first party releases." It's like you care more about the idea of day 1 games than the reality.

northpaws448d ago

I would much rather pay $60 for a fully featured Halo, then what happened to Halo Infinite.

Co-op that doesn't come 9 months after release. MP that is detached with battle pass crap.

Seeing how long it is taking Hellblade 2 to be created, maybe they are busy thinking how to add micro-transactions to it now.

KillBill448d ago

It is the single greatest value potential in the entire conversation. The reason why PS+ can't compete.

sammarshall102448d ago

I think it's sad and alarming that some people look like they're ok with less quality games because they're "free"

notachance448d ago

yeah looking at MS' current release schedule..
yeah no, even starfield looks barebone as it is, and Halo franchise looks like it's 1 iteration away from becoming a free-to-play BS.

Obscure_Observer448d ago

"Your comment doesn't take into account quality, frequency, or any other factor in determining value"

Gamepass has all of the factors you´d pointed out + day one releases for first/third party games + EA Access + reward points + cloud gaming + PC Gamepass and more.

Gamepass will also add game demos with no additional cost via Project Moorcroft in 2023.

No sure if it´s Sony idea is to compete with Gamepass directly, but if that´s the reason they created the new PS Plus, they have a lot to improve.

Obscure_Observer448d ago

"I would much rather pay $60 for a fully featured Halo, then what happened to Halo Infinite."

Sony didn´t needed a Gamepass to sell a bare bones Tlou 2 without Factions and people paid full $60 for it on PS4. And still no Factions 2 after more than 2 years.

Now they´re asking atrocious $70 for another bare bones Tlou which seems to be nothing but Tlou Remake coated in Tlou 2´s skin stripped out of Factions. And yes, ND found time to make all of this before Factions 2 which they promised us to be released day one with Tlou 2.

If the original Factions is anything to go by, be prepared for more Pay To Win BS.

And don´t even get me started on GT7, MTX and Always Online bs.

You see? It´s easy for Sony to F* UP gamers without resort to some Gamepass clone.

RauLeCreuset448d ago


"Gamepass has all of the factors you´d pointed out + day one releases for first/third party games + EA Access + reward points + cloud gaming + PC Gamepass and more."

Enough with the advertisements disguised as responses. The only one of those things you mentioned that pertain to Jin's comment and my response is the day one first party releases.

My issue was with the comment only attributing "real value" to "day 1 first party releases." I could have said some things about Xbox's first party output to date in making that point. I limited my critique to the comment. Please don't latch onto mine to push something extra.

Knushwood Butt447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

@ Obscure

'If the original Factions is anything to go by, be prepared for more Pay To Win BS.'.

Have you been drinking?

Honestly, I never see you talking about games that you play; you only talk about plastic.

The only exception is when you talk about Playstation games, and prove you haven't got a clue what you're talking about.

DOMination-447d ago

The narrative that game pass = less quality needs to stop.

Halo Infinite had both time and money. The state of the game isn't down to game pass but rather that the developers have shown time and time again that they are incompetent. It really is that simple.

VenomCarnage89447d ago

Man why do Xbox fanboys always come off as if they're a defenseless girl in an abusive relationship, and they don't have the strength to let themselves recognize reality and get themselves into a better situation.

Like, if obscure is such a simp for such mediocrity, I bet he'd kill himself if Xbox ever became competent enough to release good games regularly. Ffs he needed 2 solid years with the attempt that was Halo before starfield has it's chance, because he's on the geezer schedule Ms prescribed to him 2 console generations ago 🤣

Zeref447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

Gamepass has more quality games as well. Like MLB The Show

itsmebryan447d ago

Yes, day 1 games are a huge advantage. Because with Playstation Plus premium you are paying for backwards compatibility since a lot of the games are from previous generations. But, with GP for example we got to play both MLB the show day 1 for no extra charge and PS owners had to pay $70.. That is a huge advantage over PlayStation Plus premium. Just think of all the money we save on new games .

RosweeSon447d ago

Which is ironic as they stopped releasing those but they said it enough in that presentation so it’s still happening, eventually 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦 🏻‍♂️🤣😜& #129396;

1Victor447d ago

@obscure ………………. You know what your usual fail troll comment isn’t even worth responding to.
Sony don’t need to bribe gamer with “free day 1first party games (2-3 a year if lucky) to buy into a service of poor quality games like halo infinity and games that take YEARS to be playable (that pirate game ). Sony games are some of the highest quality games in the industry.
You get what you pay for.
It’s ok to have a service and compare them but you should also compare the quality as well but that’s not going to happen here as they’re not even in the same planet let alone zip code just look at halo 1 year after release with a year delay and still missing features thats been day 1 since the first game like split screen but hey it’s “free” 🤷🏿

RauLeCreuset447d ago


"Gamepass has more quality games as well. Like MLB The Show"

Let me again point out that my comment was restricted to Jin only attributing real value to Day 1 first party releases, so I don't know why you replied to me with that and mentioned The Show of all games. Actually, I do, but I can't name a thing, so let me lay out some facts instead.

Results of a Google search of this website for your name and The Show only shows you talking about The Show in any capacity after it was announced for Game Pass. There were no results showing you talked about The Show before that. However, I invite you to provide evidence from your comment history where you have talked favorably about The Show when it was a PS exclusive.

Those results did provide evidence of you highlighting that "Project Scarlett" has hardware ray tracing while spreading false doubts that PS5 is capable of it.

The results also included this comment of yours talking about PS Now doing day and date, from 1,189 days ago, on an article about Detroit, Heavy Rain, and Beyond going to PC.

"Xbox had the right idea, like always. Sony is following them in their footsteps. Just like how they will be releasing all 1st party on PSnow day and date sooner or later."

The results also produced this more recent take talking about the new PS+ tiers from 74 days ago.

"Not having day 1 1st party games is an L. But not even OLD 1st party games are on there. Like Last of Us Part 2 is still not on it and they're not on it permanently. That's the biggest L imo.

"If they were more reliable/consistent with 1st party releases and communicated as to when they'll be on it then it wouldn't be so bad.

"Then there's also the lack of AAA 3rd party games and even indie games barely show up on it.

"This all makes PS Plus absolute garbage."

I'm not going to comment on those facts. They don't need me to speak for them. What I will say is that it seems exposure to a new audience may have resulted in an increased appreciation for The Show. I can't say that I've ever so much as played a demo of it. I'm not a baseball person, but that's okay. What I like about the PS library is that it has a variety of games like that to appeal to many tastes. I believe if exposed to a broader audience, many of them would be called out as quality games by those such as you who get a chance to experience them on your preferred console.

darthv72447d ago

I have not switched to premium (or extra) so Im still on essential but I can say that I pretty much have all the old PS games I want. Plus the means to play them. So its more about convenience than selection.

GP offers me the ability to play games I dont have and if I like what I play... I buy them. Ive done that a few times already. So GP isnt about convenience as mush as premium but about new experiences and potential sales.

For someone like my son (who didnt grow up with PS) premium is perfect as he can play many great titles from the past. He has his own digital 5 and plus and is probably switching to premium but has not decided. He keeps asking me if I have this game or that game, and I usually do. I tell him he can borrow my systems and games but I think he rather play on his 5.

Bruh447d ago

Yeah and Game Pass is better there as well lmao. I agree that the idea of more games or Day 1 releases are highly inaccurate to the overall sub, but just in terms of quality releases, Game Pass's library blows PS Plus premiums in the water

Army_of_Darkness447d ago

There isn't a single game on gamepass that can even touch Horizon forbidden west.... As for Xbox defenders bragging about BC, all I have to say is I'm glad y'all are enjoying old games from the past because frankly, the furthest I care to go back to is the ps4 era since I still have a lot to catch up on and the enhancements on the ps5(more so the 60fps) makes them a lot more enjoyable!

fr0sty447d ago

"The company that only has four AAA exclusives on the market is doing so much better because our games are available day one on gamepass! Who cares if one of those four games is still incomplete and riddled with microtransactions!"

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Magatsuhi448d ago

Enjoy your slippery slope on AAA games dropping big on quality all to accommodate your precious game pass.

sammarshall102448d ago

Yeah and judging by the last showcase, their seems to be a focus on smaller budget games for GP. I dislike this

I hope Sony never adopts this service 1st approach

Obscure_Observer448d ago

"Enjoy your slippery slope on AAA games dropping big on quality all to accommodate your precious game pass."

Quality? I look at the quaity of a crossgen game iike GT7 and it´s atrocious MTX costing $70 vs a true current gen Forza Motorsport that will cost $60 or "free" day one on Gamepass, and I think I´m good.

Extermin8or3_447d ago

Obscure_observer I am not particularly good at racing games at least realistic ones like gran turismo but I do enjoy them to a point. I have over 100 cars to date on that game including a number that cost serval million credits each. The intake credit rewards are more than sufficient to get the cars. My friends who play it more than me and are far better have a considerable number of the cars and millions of credits in the bank so to speak. They have alot of the moat expensive cars. None of us paid a penny for any of our credits. The game has been designed qhonestly I'd argue the credits to buy a car cost so much as a disincentive to buy them using real money.

Forward does look good but you I'd bet they'll charge for cars added post launch whereas on gt they are added for free. Also forza horizon and forza are the only first party games on games pass that look like they are particularly good (oh and redfall. So the xbox one x/s has been put for two years and majority of games pass titles worth owning have literally all been 3rd party and even then most if then are games that the publishers have doubts about or that haven't done all that well. Don't get me wrong gamespass is good value for money atm but I don't think it's good for the AAA games industry.

andy85447d ago (Edited 447d ago )

@obscure you don't need to buy the MTX. You can earn that MTX by playing for an hour or two. Are you forgetting FH5 has paid DLC to unlock cars? At least you GT you can earn every single car in the game spending nothing. And have you played Forza Motorsport to form that opinionof how good it is? GT7 looked the dogs balls in the shots before release too.

Exvalos447d ago

Sad thing is they now justify bad and mediocre games with the excuse "Who cares? it's free in gamepass." The xbox fans are destroying there own brand and they just dont see it yet.

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448d ago
Eonjay448d ago (Edited 448d ago )

So does that mean that GP is trash this year? Since you only play day one first party releases?
PS plus has tons of first party games.. just downloaded GOT and im sure its just as good and high quality as when it came out.

I think that quality is the most important aspect of any service.

Im sure you can see the value in GP even now without first party day one games this year.
You really sound silly at this point. It I only played what I could day one I would be missing out on hundreds of games.

shinoff2183448d ago

As i state in my comment i personally think plus has more good games by a boatload. Day 1 doesnt bother me. To be honest i hardly ever play day 1 games anymore because most are riddled with bugs and whatnot. I just finished arkham knight this afternoon before work. So eh on the day 1 stuff. It is cool to a point but hit or miss alot of times.

Knushwood Butt447d ago

I'm currently doing a NG+ in God of War.

Four years since I last played it. Superb game, and looks/sounds even more amazing on PS5.

The only criticism I have is the swearing. I'm not a prude, just don't think it fits or adds anything.

EvertonFC448d ago

Until Sony put games day1 on there service, the fanny gamers/journalists will always and continue to hate on Playstation/PS Plus this generation.

S2Killinit448d ago

Soo about two games per year is where the value is at?

No thanks.