PS Plus Premium Adds New Trial for One of the Highest-Rated Games

PlayStation Plus Premium members can now play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition for up to four hours, offering a brief introduction to the highly-rated game.

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shinoff218344d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Gow about they drop the price of the ps5 version for fks sake. This came out years ago. Hell I'd even take it as a thank you for supporting cyberpunk day one

MaximusPrime_44d ago

If they can they can.. technology parts aren't cheap nowadays

VersusDMC44d ago

It's a free upgrade if you bought the ps4 version at least.

I guess that's the thank you?

shinoff218344d ago

I used to, and traded it away to a buddy. Free upgrade I wasn't aware of.

Eonjay44d ago


Same happened to me. That's like... too effn bad, right?

MrNinosan44d ago

Crying about a game you could get under 10$ on PS4 and upgrade for free... 🤔

VersusDMC44d ago

Complete edition is 24.99 as well on psn right now.

nitus1043d ago

Well there are also the two DLC levels which do cost although they are not expensive. These levels can add about 10 to 40 hours to the game and in adddition you do get quite a bit of free content such as different clothing for the characters.

One of the clothing changes was the armour for the Nilfgaardian forces which is the same as in the Netflix series. Personally I don't like it but it is still your choice to apply or not apply from the options.

Elda44d ago

Wow...a demo for an 8 year old game.

glennhkboy43d ago

PS+ Premium subscribers get THIS for their extra money?!!! Oh, dear!!!!

Popsicle43d ago

Agreed, top 5 game of all time for me with over 200 hours played. However, I am hoping this doesn’t turn into a Skyrim situation where there are continued releases of the same game, and no new entries to the series.

SinisterMister41d ago

This IP has so much potential. Really hope it doesn't turn out that way.

DefenderOfDoom243d ago

I love PPP for the smaller indie , arcade type games.