PS Plus Premium adds terrifying 1-hour PS5 game trial for sci-fi epic

PS Plus Premium members can dive into a terrifying horror experience with The Callisto Protocol PS Plus Trial and even earn a trophy or two.

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purple10168d ago

Nevermind Callisto Protocol, I'm looking forward to 'pragmata' from capcom.

zaanan68d ago

Demos should be free to everyone, not locked behind a paywall. I say this as a PS guy. Anybody remember game mag demos and shareware?

TQQ68d ago

PlayStation store has all the same free demos the other devices have.

These are full game trials including trophy support, and soon people will be able to stream them making them even easier to access.

zaanan67d ago

Demo, trial…
“you say potayto, I say potahto, let’s call the whole thing off”

MrNinosan68d ago

There is tons of free demos, way more than back in the time (which wasn't free as you had to buy magazines).

Game Trials however is another thing, and I love that they exist, and I don't mind them being behind a "paywall" together with lots of other games and benefits.

zaanan67d ago

Ah, but you could share those floppies and discs for free, so…

zaanan67d ago

Who in the world is disagreeing that you could share demo discs for free back in the day? I certainly got given some for free, and gave some away myself. It’s an objectively true statement. Are they not teaching logic in schools anymore?

MrNinosan67d ago

And I can share the knowledge on how to create a PSN account to download 100s of free demos as well. Don't see your point.


That’s when demos were cheap to produce… we’re past that.

Most big budget games don’t need a playable demo to move units anyways, people make up their minds from YouTube, so devs are rarely motivated to produce a demo.

Callisto Protocol could benefit from a demo, since they have since patched alotta issues cited by initial reviews. So, it IS weird to diminish the marketing impact of a demo by gating it behind a sub.

purple10167d ago (Edited 67d ago )

I found all my ps2 magazines (and Dreamcast magazines) in the attic.

Sold the lot on eBay for £200. Was a VERY heavy box.

Nintendo magazines also but they had no demos.

They were £5 a pop at the time when all other magasines were £3, but came with a disk of usually 1 great demo and a few indies. Those were the days.


Demo's are awesome and should be free like you mentioned for EVERY game.

Increases game sales without having to download 50gb + for something you realized you weren't interested in.

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MrBaskerville67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

This is a very slow process, they promised that all games over a certain price point would get a trial. We are nowhere near that point at the moment.

CantThinkOfAUsername67d ago

I bet major publishers aren't on board with this idea.

MrNinosan67d ago

No, Sony didn't promise that all games would get a trial.

"Sony will require some PlayStation game developers to create trial versions of their games as part of changes coming to its PlayStation Plus subscription service, according to a new report from Game Developer. Those trial versions will reportedly be required to last at least two hours long, if the game being sold costs $34 or more."

zaanan67d ago

By that logic: Callisto is more than $34, so the “trial”/demo should be Two hours, not One.

MrNinosan67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Since when is Callisto a game made by a Playstation developer?

And let's say they go under the banner "Playstation developer" what say this specific developer is one the ones that Sony Requires doing this?

zaanan67d ago

you’re leaving out a very important word from the quote you yourself quoted earlier: “game.” As in, “playstation Game developers,” not “playstation developers.” Obviously, the quote refers to anyone who creates games to be played on playstation. Not just devs owned by Sony.

Striking Distance has created a PS version of their game, so the quote (again, which you yourself quoted) means this demo should be Two hours long. Let’s try to at least be consistent with our arguments here.

MrNinosan67d ago

And you missed out on ""Sony will require SOME PlayStation game developers", and as I wrote before, you nor I don't know which developers are included in "some".

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