PS Plus PS1 Games Run at 1440p, PS2 at Only 720p, and Performance is Surprisingly Bad

Sony wants you to pay extra for PS Plus Premium to get your hands on classics from earlier eras, but have they done justice to them?

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isarai474d ago

C'mon man, it's an emulator. My $200 walmart pc from 2007 ran psx/ps2 games smoother than this

Obscure_Observer473d ago

Well, some of us asked for classic PS games and now we have it. It´s far from perfect but I believe Sony will address update and fix those issues as soon as possible.

Just a little patience.

H9473d ago

I don't think people should settle for something bad because they have asked for the good version of it

Eonjay473d ago

The PS2 games on their page say that they have been bumped up to 1080p. Are they saying that this is a lie?

RavenWolfx473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

Yeah, just be patient while paying for a product that is defective. /s

Sgt_Slaughter473d ago

It's 2022, these games have run better on weaker hardware. Stop giving companies a free pass when it should be working out the game instantly.

Firebird360473d ago

Xbox says high. Previous generation Xbox games are great on xsx. Why should Sony get a pass.

neutralgamer1992473d ago

It's not about free pass guys just sign up once the service has been fixed. No one is being forced to pay for premium. I am waiting until it becomes a very good/great service

But the reason for this launch is because Sony especially Jim Ryan are just now buying into legacy titles while Phil and Xbox went hard after that feature

But the other way to look at it is Sony invested heavily into new game experiences while Phil had no choice but to offer some value

Not defending one while blaming the other just looking at it from both parties POV

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badz149473d ago

PSX maybe but PS2? come on man, that's just BS!

RedDevils473d ago

PCSX2 has a big update (Nightly Builds), guess I be enjoying all my PS2 collections there.

ZeekQuattro473d ago

No kidding. They've made it easier than ever to emulate PS2 games. Something that I could never get work right a decade+ ago. I just didn't have the patience. Glad I stepped away for a while.

DarXyde473d ago

More than anything, it sounds like Sony was really just trying to get this service rolled out.

I don't understand how the PS5 is as monstrously powerful as it is, yet Sony can't seem to figure out how to get it to run things optimally.

Best software in my opinion, but this is an indictment on them. They're lazy or incompetent when it comes to old games, which one is it, Sony?

Sirk7x473d ago

I can run PS2 games better on my Series S LOL.

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sparky77473d ago

How do you mess this up so bad.

The PS5 can't handle 4K for PS1 and not even 1080p for PS2. Jesus.

LucasRuinedChildhood473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

PS3 games - 144p. lol.

Seriously, the PS5 is a powerful machine and they're asking for quite a bit of money for PS Plus Premium. We should be able to expect good quality. C'mon, MS emulated 360 games on the XB1 (not exactly a cutting edge machine if we're being nice).

If they're too incompetent to handle PS1 and PS2 emulation properly, I don't think we're getting PS3 emulation anytime soon, unfortunately. I want to replay the Resistance games. :(

fr0sty473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

Emulating a 360 is easy compared to a PS3, or even a PS2. The rest of your point is solid, but those are not on even ground. Those systems had exotic architectures that took a long time to be able to be emulated.

RedDevils473d ago

Lol I run my ps3 in 4k without issue not sure why they couldn't do with ps2 lol

OptimusDK472d ago

@fr0sty - Nope MS is just better at it. That simple - its not even a compaison. 360 was based on IBM Power PC so no it is not just easy. But MS managed to upgrade games to 4K double framerate better in every whay. SONY can not even bring it to run as well as the old versions - what a bommer. And they even have the nerve to add this as a feature that you pay for. OMFG

Magic_Spatula473d ago

Are they running off of the system or is it streamed. If they're streamed then I kinda understand but it it's running off of the system then it's very disappointing.

Sirk7x473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

The emulator community is years and years ahead of companies doing these things now. Although Nintendo's N64 emulator for the Wii was fantastic for the time, before the guy that built it left. Companies need to reach out and work with the people who already have over a decade of experience with this stuff. You can run PS2 games better on a Series S via PCSX2. And that's with clean room development building from scratch. Imagine if the people who have built the best emulators in their spare time had proper documentation, funding and the legal go ahead. We could have industry standard emulators.

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GoodGuy09473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

Oof. Think I'll stick to emulators on pc lol.

CantThinkOfAUsername473d ago

The emulators on PC had decades of ironing out the kinks. RPCS3 is still working on fixing PS3 games performance. This is typical of emulators.

JackBNimble473d ago

Are you suggesting that Sony's expertise and development teams with financial backing would take decades to create a working emulator?
I don't buy those excuses...

dazzysima472d ago

This is Sony’s tech though, they aren’t on the outside looking in like RPCS3 devs. They should have the inside track.

Neonridr473d ago

1440p then downsampled to 1080p. oof

Eonjay473d ago

I has to be downsampled to 1080 on PS4 though. The PS4 only outputs to 1080.

Neonridr471d ago

I realize that. It's because Sony won't support a fairly common resolution. Not exactly sure their reasoning. I get console wise 1440 isn't a huge thing but in the PC world that's a very desirable resolution.

Eonjay471d ago

I was only referring to PS4. I agree with you on PS5

Neonridr471d ago

100%. Hopefully they get around to adding in support for that. I can't imagine it's that difficult tbh.