PS5 Bundle with Two Years of PS Plus Premium Appears to Leak

There’s some debate over whether PS Plus Premium offers value for money, but it’s getting weaker as Sony continues to extend the selection of software available with its most expensive subscription. One thing that’s inarguable, however, is that new PS5 owners can get an absurd amount of content with the membership – especially if they’re new to the ecosystem.

This leaked bundle makes a lot of sense then: official product images appear to show a disc-based PS5 console with two years of PS Plus Premium included. At the time of writing, that’ll get you access to 948 games.

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ocelot0784d ago

Not going to lie. That's a good idea. Access to over 500 games for 2 years is decent. Personally wouldn't just rely on ps+ games.


looks like a good deal Including PS Plus Premium i wonder how much bundle is going to cost are they going to include that in the price of the bundle?

andy8584d ago

If it has a good saving its a good offer. I'd still never be tied to a digital console though. Definitely a great console for a kid though. Introduced my friend to PS Premium when it was on sale last year as she was spending loads on games for a kid. Not needed to buy one since as it has 900+ games

PhoenixUp84d ago

With Sony celebrating tweet anniversary of the PS+ revamp, wouldn’t be surprised if their becomes real

Eonjay83d ago

"At the time of writing, that’ll get you access to 948 games"... See yes its an amazing 'deal' but its also overwhelming.

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