Randy Pitchford States He was not lying during Aliens Colonial Marine Demos

Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox, has stated that he spoke the truth about Aliens Colonial Maines in the past. Recently on twitter he was quick to respond to allegations of lying during presentations which showed the game in a different and seemingly more polished state.

"No one likes to be called a liar, especially if their intent was pure and they always spoke the truth when they spoke it."

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3861d ago
aCasualGamer3861d ago

Randy Pitchford is a liar and a fraud. I can't believe he actually tries to victimize himself.

The gameplay demo that was shown hyped up the game and gave it a certain level of expectation among fans, the final product is a joke in comparison.

I can't believe these con artists can get away with such deceitful marketing. Normally i don't get so mad but when they take gamers, us, for fools i get really realllly pissed off.

yeahokchief3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Perhaps if pc players had a bigger marketshare it would have been viable/profitable to make sure the game had dynamic lighting and was designed properly for high end pcs.

But you don't all buy enough of your games. Reap what you sow. The only way you change this and keep it from happening is by buying more games that do things correctly to show your install base has some weight behind it.

You're an entitled bunch and you need to grow a pair.

OHHHHHH IT DOESN'T HAVE DYNAMIC LIGHTING!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHHH! MOd it. You love modding things. How hard is it to add dynamic lighting.

Ive seen pitchford show off games before and he comes off as a very honest, gamer's gamer to me. I probably won't buy this game, but i'll still buy gearbox games for sure. They must have been under some type of constraint.

I guess I don't care so much about visual effects so much as the game content and how well the game runs.

In the defense of people who bought the game I thought it was disappointing that the sequence with the turret was completely missing from that video they showed, but for all i know it just glitched out or something in that particular instance.

Baka-akaB3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Uh what's with the pc rant ? The game is mediocre and below its demos on both consoles and pc .

The whole affair is about blatant lies and misinformation , not really about graphics . Game was never touted as the next crysis on any platform

Wagz223861d ago

@yeahokchief so if dynamic lighting is so easy to do…then why the hell was it not in the final product?! And yes dynamic lighting is a big deal because it weighs heavily on the atmosphere of the game, which in aliens is essential. And I also feel we are entitled to what we saw versus the final product. That's like saying, hey look at this nice lamborghini that your going to get, then you get it and its a ford focus haha oh and game content and how the game runs? How bout that AI? Now was that Gearboxes fault or Time Gate, you know the other developers that got outsourced a lot of the game to work on? I can't believe that this game was handled so terribly or how people are actually trying to defend the development of the game at this point.

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Jazz41083861d ago

This is the same sort of crap sony pulled with killzone 2 and told everybody it was actual gameplay when it was not. Hyped the ps3 to be a suprr computer repesenting all games at 1080p and 120 fps and laughed at ms when they said 720p was the sweet spot this gen for gaming and then told me to get a second job to buy it. I will never have faith in sony anymore after the crap they pulled this gen and since I enjoy the shooter and rpgs im very happy with the great experiences my 360 has given me this gen even though i currently own two ps3 s they sit and collect dust as I really do not want to spend a couple hours sitting through all there firmware updates and game installs when this gen ms had the better multiplat ganes and thats what I mainly play as I dont really care for ms or sonys exclusives and yes I have played them as with my job in the industry i can take home any game I want and try it. As far as recent activity Sony lied about the extent of there hacking and announced games at the beginning of this gen that are still vapor ware. I also found home to be mis represented and a disaster when it first launced. Btw is home even out of beta yet lol.

GenericNameHere3861d ago

Aliens:CM E3 Demo = GREAT!
Aliens:CM full game = The f@ck??!! I paid $60 for a game with horrible AI, graphics, gameplays, story??!! And the multiplayer is buggy too?

KZ2 E3 Demo = WOW!!
KZ2 full game = WOW!!!

You see the difference?

Btw, I doubt you even have 2 PS3s. Why would you buy/get a second one when you clearly felt "lied to" when KZ2 came out? And if they are collecting dust, do something better with them! Give them to a friend or family, or maybe even charity! At least you'd be doing something kind to the world than just ranting on the Internet (not that I have contributed much yet either).

You hate the PS3 for some reason, and you love the Xbox 360. We get it. Now move on with your life.

Wagz223861d ago

@Jazz4108 And your comment relating to Aliens is where exactly? Sure it was wrong of them to say that was in-game footage but at least Killzone 2 still looked amazing and played great. And you not having faith in sony but having full faith in microsoft, the company that has left the core gamer completely. And you want to talk about ripoffs? HD-DVD drive attachment? Charging $100 for a network adapter? More then a 50% failure rate on your console? People bitched about the price of the PS3, but when it was all said and done with buying everything for your 360, your paying a lot more than the PS3 at launch. But that's not to say PS3 hasn't had its problems with PlayStation Network sucking at first, the game installs are annoying, a lot of games running at 720p and sony taking out the other OS feature and causing the hacking relation, but honestly Microsoft has done a pretty good job sticking it to the gamer this gen. But I think the biggest thing that has started to ruin gaming for everyone is DLC, whether on disc or purposely taking content out of the game and then charging extra for it...and I have a bad feeling next gen might be worse.

Athonline3861d ago

I played almost an hour of the MP in Eurogamer Expo 13. The game felt polished enough with only a few minor bugs, which we were told they were planning to fix just they had "an older" release... in fact I found it less buggy than Far Cry 3 and AC III were that day... after the expo when they were "fixing" it looks like they either destroyed it or maybe we were given to play with a trimmed down version of MP, less features, less bugs afterall!

AngelicIceDiamond3861d ago

@Casual Another fail in this generation's book I'm afraid.

DOMination-3861d ago

Who cares? Just don't buy the crappy game. It always looked like it was going to be average. There are plenty of other shooters out and there's Bioshock coming out soon.

If you already purchased it then you have to ask yourself why you did, even though its been critically smashed to pieces in previews and reviews.

Not being rude but there's some pretty amazing games coming out. Unless you've got money to burn why would you even consider buying this at launch? If you're a member of N4G you should have known it was terrible.

Red_Orange_Juice3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

game looks like a fan-made mod

Oh_Yeah3861d ago

It's a game based off the lure of a movie, you can't really expect it to be good. So far that I can remember only the batman games were able to pull that off well. But yeah that demo definitely showed a different product, that's the problem..

corrus3860d ago

HAHAHA this guy love to lying how much he licked the a$$ of Nintendo for Wii U and the most funny thing is that stupid Nintendo Fanboys had believed him HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Baka-akaB3860d ago (Edited 3860d ago )

"It's a game based off the lure of a movie, you can't really expect it to be good. So far that I can remember only the batman games were able to pull that off well."

Not really , there have been a few movie based games that were good . Hell when it comes to alien , the alien trilogy games are quite fondly remembered

The problem is that 90% of them are developed in record time , hence rushed so they could release them alongside the theater launches .

And the good batman games (i'm assuming you mean the arkham ones) arent movie based anyway

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MEsoJD3861d ago

They wont be getting any money from in the future without an apology and plausible explanation about this games development. I don't appreciate false advertising.

aCasualGamer3861d ago

Totally agree with you. You'd be a fool to buy this game after what these scam artists have done. Unbelievable that gaming media is so silent about this.

Blacktric3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

It's good to know that there are people out there who doesn't fell for the sh*tty ploys of developers like these. I'm with you 100% with that. He either tells the truth and apologizes from everyone, especially the people who purchased the game. Or he will lose another loyal fan like me who loved most of their previous work.


"Ive seen pitchford show off games before and he comes off as a very honest, gamer's gamer to me. I probably won't buy this game, but i'll still buy gearbox games for sure. They must have been under some type of constraint."

Oh look, an apologist's already popped up.

"OHHHHHH IT DOESN'T HAVE DYNAMIC LIGHTING!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHH WAHHHHHHHHH! MOd it. You love modding things. How hard is it to add dynamic lighting. "

Jesus christ....

Hydralysk3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )


The gaming media is always quiet about this kind of stuff. They won't risk their relationship with a big publisher, otherwise they might not get advance copies of Borderlands 3 when it eventually comes out, and by god they need those hits.

Conzul3861d ago

Yeah after Sess gave it 2/5 I said screw it. Terrible game.

EZMickey3861d ago

This is not recognised as false advertising.

Where creative media is concerned there has to be some kind of leniency with what is shown versus what is delivered because for marketing's sake they developers have to release gameplay footage but it's still a work in progress so they can't be accused of false advertising if shortly after that footage was released they made a decision that would affect it's presence in the final product.

Game developers are actually more entitled and protected in this regard than any consumer. If they could be held accountable for this sort of thing, demos and gameplay previews would be a scarce and/or very controlled and limited thing.

I agree with those of you seeking an apology though. He may not like being called a liar, but who cares. Don't use your public reach for defending your ego, try using it to hear and apologize to the masses out there who just paid full price for a subpar action game.

Jacobster3861d ago

All advertising is usually on a false premise as advertisers tend to play on our emotions and never highlight the faults with their product offering :)

DragonKnight3860d ago

@FreddyAintDead: There's a difference between showing a work in progress and showing something that's not at all representative of the final product. Nothing of the demo was in the game at all. People loved what they saw in the demo, they didn't get that in the game. False Advertising plain and simple.

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SilentNegotiator3861d ago

Agreed. Even if there were "circumstances" that make Randy somewhat innocent, they still didn't give the gamers good information.

And he's President of Gearbox, so I don't buy him being innocent.

aCasualGamer3861d ago

Yeah. Innocent, ppppfffft. This guy oversees the company and every decision the company makes. He should have told the publishers the game wasn't ready, even though he was expecting some legal actions. You can't bring out a half assed product and expect gamers to pay $59 for it. Not only didn't he inform the gaming community that the game wouldn't match the previously released "gameplay" demo but he actually says he told the truth.

solar3861d ago

never liked the guy. still dont like him. probably never will.

showtimefolks3861d ago

i still like gearbox and randy because they also made brothers in arms.

randy is one of my favorite gaming people because he is always active on social media and a lot of time he tells it how it is

so one bad game, which wasn't even a in home development, this may have something to do with sega and 20th century fox

otherZinc3860d ago


This is what limited RAM will do.

This guy lied his as* off.

Sandmano3860d ago

I wrote a blog post about this whole fiasco, check it out

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Kalowest3861d ago

Is he trying to replace Peter Molyneux?

Ashunderfire863861d ago

Good Riddance