Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart May Soon Come to PS Plus Extra/Premium

Insomniac's PlayStation 5 exclusive game Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart could come soon to PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium, according to a leak.

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Mobis-New-Nest443d ago

One step closer to all First Party Games coming Day 1 release on PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium. My wallet will thank you Sony.

Outside_ofthe_Box443d ago

Not really. Sony isn't against putting their big games on there just not day one. First party games will be on the service you'll just have to wait for it.

RosweeSon443d ago

Yep came out June 11th so just over 12 months ago. Think it’s clear to see the games will get added 12-18 months down the line

MIDGETonSTILTS17442d ago

I’m okay with that. I’m not sure how else they’d stay profitable.

Elda443d ago

Keep dreaming that dream.

Aloymetal443d ago

Sure, that'll happen as soon as they get outsold 100mil+ to 40mil or something like that. One day maybe.

Godmars290443d ago (Edited 443d ago )

If they do it, can't see it being a year or more.

And it would still hurt game production/quality.

442d ago
gangsta_red442d ago

How would it hurt the production or quality?

Nintendo has been making amazing games with half the budget (compared to other triple A games) with no need for 4K or any emphasis HD graphics. We also see critically acclaimed smaller games every day.

It's ridiculous to think thar proven companies like ND, Insomniac, etc wouldn't be able to keep the same level of high end quality just because games would be day and date or less than a year.

Godmars290442d ago

Its ridiculous to compare Sony's and Nintendo's game production and quality against Xbox when Xbox has repeated examples of game drought, then notable issues with regarding game quality when they do.

As ridiculous as insisting the two leading consoles should adopt day-one releases of their AAA titles to promote their versions of GP when GP has yet to prove itself to be profitable.

And with billions invested in Activision and Bethesda with nothing yet to show for it, you can't say otherwise.

gangsta_red442d ago

"...when Xbox has repeated examples of game drought, then notable issues with regarding game quality when they do."

Sony and Nintendo has also had repeated droughts with their systems and so far Xbox's latest offerings have all had the highest meta scores seen. So i don't know what your point is or has anything to do with the question I asked.

"...when GP has yet to prove itself to be profitable."

So you rather not , as a consumer, get day one games that would only benefit you, from a service you pay monthly/yearly for because you think it won't be profitable for that company who has repeatedly posted record earnings from not just game sales but PS+ subscriptions and online market sales?

"And with billions invested in Activision and Bethesda with nothing yet to show for it, you can't say otherwise."

Again, what does this have to do with production and quality? Do you even understand what i'm asking? You can't possibly think any new game from Bethesda (Fallout, Skyrim, Starfield) or Activison (CoD!!!) won't pay off for MS when released.

Godmars290442d ago (Edited 442d ago )

You try to pull this crap every time. Namely ask me to defend your stance, putting my responses through a sieve and saying "Gotcha!" as if that means anything.

You're asking to what effect 'AAA' gaming on a subscription service will have on 'AAA' games when there are no viable examples. When the closest thing to an example comes from MS who have questionable ability to produce competent let alone quality games. Their best bet to push their service are 3rd parties they've bought up, which is hardly enough to start insisting Nintendo and Sony follow suit. There just isn't any substance to the argument but of course that's not going to stop you.

"So you rather not , as a consumer, get day one games that would only benefit you, from a service you pay monthly/yearly"


gangsta_red442d ago


"...when there are no viable examples"

Exactly! There's none, and yet you still persist with multiple comments claiming that somehow MS games are affected by GP when there is nothing to prove this true. I'm asking you to provide reasoning to a statement you always leave and are sure of and yet you never have a straight answer.

"When the closest thing to an example comes from MS who have questionable ability to produce competent let alone quality games"

According to who? Flight Sim 90, Halo Infini - 87 , Forza Horizon - 92, Psychonauts 2 - 92, just to name a few recent MS games, so i have to ask again, where is this questionable ability for competent games and what does that have to do with GP?

The problem is you make claims that are not related or tied to each other and your answers are nothing more than an opportunity to bash MS and Xbox. This is why you're constantly unable to give me a straight answer and always on the defensive.


Then buy it! Every game on GP can also be purchased or are you now insinuating that no game on GP is the finished product?

Godmars290442d ago (Edited 442d ago )

"insinuating that no game on GP is the finished product?"

Isn't the latest Halo just now getting co-op? And the flight sim certainly doesn't have a beginning, middle or end. Are on par with anything Sony or Nintendo has.

And MS bought Psychonauts ffs. Fan wanking is not a sign of competent game making, just acceptance of anything offered.

Once again you waste my time.

gangsta_red441d ago


You already played yourself by admitting you have nothing to back up your claim, now you're asking about Halo adding features as if that means anything or is relevant to the hundreds of other games on GP.

"And MS bought Psychonauts ffs."

Bought, funded and improved the game...

But according to you, being on GP will hurt production, the quality and won't be a complete game.

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and every time you make stupid statements without backing them up you'll get called out. If you don't want your time wasted I suggest thinking before leaving such comments.

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RosweeSon443d ago

It came out over a year ago ✌🏻🤷🏻‍♂ ️🤣

Lightning77443d ago

Though I don't think that'll happen for awhile but I don't know why so many PS fans are so against it.

mkis007442d ago

What is the most likely thing to happen if sales dont matter per game? If all that matters is that you release a lot of games with just 'ok' quality or budget? The reason sony games stand at the top for me above other publishers is that perception while im playing that they put extra dedication into each game. Its the difference of an extra 10 million dollars going into the budget of a game or the publisher just saying, scrap that it's good enough as is.

Do you really expect nothing to change for ms published games? All they need is a high subcriber base to make money, they need more games, not top tier games.

If in 3 years games that release on gamepass, developed with the knowledge they will be on gamepass, dont go down in quality and up in quantity I will admit myself to have been pessimistically wrong.

EvertonFC442d ago

Because we like our 150m SP story driven AAA budget games and not all GaaS, live service, 4 player co/op BS all the time.

Profchaos443d ago

Small games will come day 1 like stray is but i can't see Sony putting big titles on day 1

EvertonFC442d ago

Agreed, also if there is any day1 1st party in the future I could see the nxt LBP or next sackboy maybe being day1 or a new wipeout day1 but the TLoU, Spiderman, GoW type games will never be day1 (12/18months)

Vengeance1138443d ago

No, How is a year old game coming to a service one step closer to day 1?? You make no sense.
Not to mention Sony has already been doing Day 1 release on PS+ for years now.

gold_drake442d ago

they already said thats not gonna happen lol.

EvertonFC442d ago

It's never going to happen ffs.

darkrider442d ago

Not really. Sony was already really clear about that. Sony gamers buy games. That kind of subscription doesn't work. Isn't profitable. Only with monthly pay really high. You cant put day one blockbuster that cost hundreds of millions. Go read the interview of the ceo of take two.

S2Killinit442d ago

Indont mind what they are doing now as long as they continue to make those quality games.

ElvisHuxley442d ago

I dunno, maybe at some point, but I doubt any time soon, probably not in this generation even. Sony knows their strengths, they know why people buy playstation.

DeusFever442d ago (Edited 442d ago )

It’s all about money. That goes for both Game Pass and PS+. So whether or not games come to PS+ on day one and whether games continue to come to Game Pass in day one all depends on growing the subscriber base and generating monthly fees that pay for game development. But I think this rumored offering merely reflects Sony’s long time strategy of deeply discounting games after a year in order to sell to a broad audience. Now it’s all about building that sweet, sweet monthly income from PS+. So next February, you may see Horizon Forbidden West on PS+.

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Orchard443d ago

It’s silly that we even have to speculate and hope for old Sony games to come to a Sony service.

Okay, fine, they don’t want to do day 1 but they could at-least give a window like EA play does and say everything Sony will arrive in the service after 12 months.

northpaws443d ago

So, no one would buy games anymore? Smart.