SAG-AFTRA Aims to Level Up the Game Industry in Strike Push

Actors' strike targets video game industry for fair treatment, higher wages, and benefits. A game-changing battle for workers' rights is on the horizon.

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phoenixwing9d ago

The only people who get the fair treatment in the video game industry are executives and shareholders

CrimsonWing699d ago

So, I guess expect massive delays if this happens.

Inverno9d ago

I wish there was as much outrage for retail workers as there is for this. I guess cashier's being replaced by AI self checkouts isn't as concerning.

ken28139d ago

I’ll strike against SAG if they hold back this already behind generation of games. Sony has nothing announced and Microsoft just released its first game in like 3 yrs. Nintendo is already a gen behind.

DarXyde9d ago

I care far more that workers' rights are respected than "holding back a generation". That's the point: hiring the companies that are hurting then and having solidarity with the people who actually make the magic happen.

Same thing with Amazon: if they started massive strikes tomorrow, I'd be fine with not buying anything from them. I haven't for years at this point, don't need to start again.

If the workers are collectively joining in this kind of effort, extremely likely that their conditions are unfair and they're being taken advantage of.

Huey_My_D_Long9d ago

Glad to see posts like this. Solidarity
Especially with the recent changes to Starting unions by the NLRB, i'm hoping we see the start of a lot more unions, especially in the game industry.

BlaqMagiq19d ago

And your strike will do absolutely nothing to change anything.

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