Some PS Plus games already have an expiration date

PS Plus has only just launched, but already some of its games have expiry dates.

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Battlestar23445d ago

Makes sense as I'm sure the contract to have them on psnow is still in effect even with the switch over to the new service.

monkey602445d ago

These games were part of Playstation Now and had these expiry dates on there.

porkChop445d ago

And? That's how subscription services work. Original/first party content stays. The rest of the content comes and goes.

GamingSinceForever445d ago

If you download them when available does it matter that they expire?

Profchaos445d ago

Yes unless they were acquired via the monthly game offering those titles remain tied to your account loke they always have.
if they are simply part of the current premium and extra offering which expires they will be removed.

Operates the same as xbox gamepass monthly games are yours as long as you keep an active sub while gamepass games are available in a Netflix style meaning they may be removed and made unplayable at any point.

GamingSinceForever445d ago

That’s messed up. You should be allowed to keep the games as long as you are subscribing.

Mr Logic444d ago


Yeah! Just like Gamepass...wait...

Knightofelemia445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

If you purchase the game then no the expiry date does not apply but like anything there is an expiry date even on games that are on a subscription based service. Is Sony also offers the game for free the expiry date also doesn't apply only way you will lose that game is if you get your account banned.

ILostMyMind444d ago

Yup. You will not be allowed to play them.

MadLad445d ago

PS Now wasn't very popular.
I think this information is going to surprise a good amount of people, honestly.
It's not like they were shouting this fact from the rooftops when they were talking about merging the two services together.