Sony Is More Concerned With Selling PS5s Than Subscriptions

The many ways Sony puts limitations on PlayStation Plus for PC and PS4 users exhibits a strange lack of confidence in the value of the PS5 console.

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jonny897420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

A company wants to sell its new console. This is the traditional way, it has been the same since Amstrad and Atari days. Microsoft is highly profitable now (Azure and Office 365). They can follow a different strategy, they can spend billions and also lose money without spooking their investors.

MIDGETonSTILTS17420d ago


Xbox is backed by the sales from THE most popular software in the world for offices.

Sony is backed by a much smaller volume of electronics hardware sales.

This impacts strategies.

Eonjay420d ago


He is saying, I think, that Sony needs to release less PS5 exclusives and more PC ports. I think he is saying that PS5 is a limitation to Sony chasing Gamepass (because apparently thats all Sony should do now is chase GP). PlayStation is still the number one company in gaming. They didn't get to that place simply by chasing subscriptions.

"Though streaming is far from a perfect solution, PS Plus could just as easily allow PC and PS4 users to stream PS5 games like Returnal and the Demon’s Souls - both in PS Plus' higher tiers. The inclusion of current-gen exclusives benefits PS5 owners, but specifically snubs subscribers who play on PS4 or PC." - Said no one ever but ScreenRant

darthv72420d ago

Dont forget their movie, music and tv divisions.

OptimusDK420d ago

Subscription is not equal to streaming

purple101420d ago

Didn't Sony change the way we perceive music with the Walkman. (Tape player ) before this it was records on a big system at home only. Think they deserve some credit for that, we're not as big as what Microsoft has done, they're still plenty innovative.

Crows90420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Well.. i for one prefer the strategy that gives the games. So far Sony has had that in spades. Microsoft has struggled for years. They had to buy out a bunch of studios to try and fix that problem.

Not a single Microsoft owned studio has created a popular new IP like since the begining of Xbox.

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alb1899420d ago

Yep but you can't keep thinking the same way as you did 40 years ago because everything has changed.
The near future is subscription, make no mistakes.

ChiefofLoliPolice420d ago

And that's exactly what I'm afraid of. A future where you as the consumer have no control over what you purchase.

Crows90420d ago

Nope. The future is higher quality games. Sony is at the forefront in that department. Nintendo has its moments. Microsoft's is playing catch-up but ran out of gas and decided to just give up and buyout a bunch of IP.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen419d ago

Netflix is hemorrhaging subscribers so I don't think you can make that assumption.

Godmars290420d ago

Only MS concerned with selling hardware. As a software company they never have. That may not have exactly been true mid 360 to XB1 and Kinect era, but still it was all about subscriptions. Now they're trying to move on to streaming, make Xbox an app playable on phones and TVs.

Godmars290420d ago

"Has *NEVER* been concerned"

"MS has *NEVER* been concerned with selling hardware"

Why/how do I keep doing that...

Jin_Sakai420d ago

Obviously, you need the consoles out there to support the subscriptions.

Shane Kim420d ago

Of course not. They can make PlayStation Network an app on phones and TV's and stream games. This is the route these companies are heading. No more hassle of dealing with hardware.

Godmars290420d ago

Sony tried years ago and it crashed and burned. They lack the funds to keep doing it.

Not true of MS though. They've yet to make Xbox that much of a money sink.

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Crows90420d ago

Networks aren't there yet. Latency isn't there yet. So no. Nothing will ever beat playing natively. Not until a brand new technology is invented.

Class_Viceroy419d ago

Obviously you don't have any clue that GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming do not have native apps on the Apple Store.

And on top of that, go play Horizon Forbidden West on a PS5, then go play Halo Infinite on your tablet streaming. While streaming is 100% awesome (I use it all the time), no streaming compares to the native experience on playing on these new consoles. FOR NOW, the consoles are going to be the best support for the subscriptions. Next generation might very well be different

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onisama419d ago

make sense for PS and thatshalf true for microsoft as they have windows to support their GP strategy but they still need console sells as console players are more intrested in GP

DeusFever420d ago

PS+ costs less than GamePass. Which company is more committed to gaining subscribers?

alb1899420d ago

It cost less because offer much less. New games day one is just unbeatable.

Eonjay420d ago

It cost less because Microsoft doesn't offer a yearly subscription at a lower price like Sony.

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Aloymetal420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

''New games day one is just unbeatable.''
You forgot to include ''for xbox fans'' at the end of that phrase.
Have you seen the endless articles about software/games record profits every quarter from publishers?
PlayStation is always at the top of their lists.
The already 6yr old ''unbeatable'' service hasn't turned any tables for xbox, they're still last on hardware sales, software sales (obviously), market share and popularity around the globe.

DarXyde420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Quantity over quality, I guess...

Not looking to debate these services—I don't like the idea of either of them. I think I can tolerate the existence of the new Playstation Plus more, if only a little, precisely BECAUSE it doesn't do day one.

Saving money is cool, but if that comes at the cost of first party quality? Absolutely not interested. It's genuinely confounding to me that anyone is still open to the blatant digitization/subscription/lice nsing of everything without proper game preservation mechanisms in place.

"You will own nothing and be happy."

EDIT: and before there is any mention of inflation is crazy and this is the only way to afford games... keep in mind that this hobby is a luxury, and has always been expensive to maintain.

notachance420d ago

Well I prefer my subscription has masterpiece titles like God of War, Demon’s Souls, and Spider-Man even if it’s 1-2 years late rather than.. idk man forza horizon is the only worthy game I can think of, some “day one” lol.

shinoff2183420d ago

Sontmy said no 1st party day ones. Doesnt mean other 1st day games wont be on there. Yall trippin. Game for game i think plus is better. Couple games im interested in on xbox are from bethesada. I wouldnt touch those on day one any way. Ive made that mistake before with their games.

alb1899420d ago

MS bought a lot of studios but it takes time to make good AAA games so I think we will see the product of this studios by next year. For now I'm very happy with the approach because even when the first party have not games yet, MS buys some third party day one that pays the monthly pay.
No just the XBOX fans are happy with the Gamepass, the Gamepass is the subscription in videogames with more grow overall.

ChiefofLoliPolice420d ago

It would be unbeatable if those day one games are actually worth a damn...

andy85420d ago

It isn't really much less any more. Gamepass is still better as it does offer day one (although there's hardly any of note). But there's a hell of a lot of value on the PS side and adding Stray day one is hope for more in the future.

SurgicalMenace420d ago

Having a catalog that their community is willing to pay full price for is priceless. How many of those "day ones" would you buy if full price was the only option? PSP is perfect for us who buy everything; it allows some of the indies to be included while we focus on purchasing the big releases. Simple

Petebloodyonion420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

I could point out that PS+ offers way more games (at least twice more) versus Gamepass and that is only Ps4/Ps5 titles.

@ Aloymetal
"Have you seen the endless articles about software/games record profits every quarter from publishers?
PlayStation is always at the top of their lists."
You mean Nintendo software right?
Why is it that everybody forgets about Nintendo?