Sony Seemingly Scraps PS Plus Game Expiry Dates

Sony appears to have made a change to its PS Plus service, making it no longer possible to view the exact date a game will be removed from the service. The Last Chance to Play tab is still part of the home page — viewed by scrolling down a fair bit on PS5 — but buttoning through to the games there no longer displays an expiry date. This was a feature we highlighted when the membership was revamped back in June, although now it's seemingly nowhere near as useful.

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CrimsonWing69322d ago

Such a weird change...

What's going on over there?

nirwanda321d ago

Same as gamepass as the game ages in the service it becomes less played and less visible than when the joined or service or when it leves , they put on play it now before it leaves it recreates similar hype like when it joined, its like a form of fomo.
That's when it's most likely to generate a sales as it's also sold discounted.

TheEroica321d ago

Sony has no clear business direction. They hope Microsoft and Nintendo can figure out the next trend so they can copy them with poor execution while leaning on the loyalty of their fanbase...

Puty322d ago

This change was certainly made "For the players".

DMgHalt322d ago

Maybe the games on PS Plus are available indefinitely?

Duke19322d ago (Edited 322d ago )

As nice as that would be - if that were the case, im SURE that Sony would be announcing that as a new service/benefit.

I have a feeling this is just a case a glitch with the dates or something that they are looking to work out.

Orchard322d ago

That will never happen - the licensing fees would be crazy high.

isarai322d ago

Could just be something weird going on with the store. Honestly it's been weird for like a week now. First me and my friends couldnt pull up ps+ extra games collection, it would redirect to the trials for one night, then a few days later it wouldnt let us download anything for a day, just kept saying there was an error. If it is an actual change officially, thats really stupid and doesn't make any sense

jznrpg322d ago

It’s stupid to jump to conclusions as this could be a bug or whatever . Get clarification .

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