Starfield fan creates unstoppable ship that AI literally cannot destroy

One intrepid Starfield player has gone for an incredibly practical, but no less ingenious design of their spaceship.

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Asplundh4d ago

So is this going to be the trend? Ever time a game comes out that allows players to create something, the site gets plastered with "look what this guy made herp derp" articles. The people over at need to hire some better writers

Tacoboto4d ago

Oh they were spamming out boss fight guides when Armored Core launched, too. It's already the trend and because of the user involved, we can't stop it aside from never clicking into the article.

blackblades4d ago

A guide is different but also not needs its own tab or something on here.

Jin_Sakai4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Reminds me of Tears of the Kingdom. I love the fact you can build things but we don’t need an article for every single thing someone makes.

blackblades4d ago

Thats what I was going say before I seen this comment. That's all ive been seeing is someone created a certain ship or hoarding potatoes/sandwiches and its cool or some other thing.

Smok914d ago

Almost as trendy as clicking on an article just to complain lmao

Mr_cheese4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

It's a trend which is getting worse since videogamers parent company took over N4G.

It will continue, with more biased pinning of videgamer content and their increased push of click for cash titles.

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