Starfield Metacritic user score sees sharp drop as gamers review bomb Bethesda RPG

The Starfield Metacritic user score has seen a sharp drop as it seems some gamers have decided to review-bomb the Bethesda RPG.

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JusttJD00993d ago

Why is giving a 1 review bombing, but giving a 10 is normal?

Starfield is not a 10 and not a 1, everyone knows that.

In the end, the score will end up exactly as it should be and as the game deserves.
And, quite frankly... a 6.5 on average is what I would give it as well. (Perhaps a 7.)

Space Exploration minus the real exploration.
Fast Travel / Loading screen simulator.

In 2 months, this game will have died out just like fallout 76 did and will only have a small portion gamers left.

InUrFoxHole3d ago

You're absolutely drunk if you think starfield is a 6.5... 8 for sure. No 10 though.

JusttJD00993d ago

And you have a case of space madness when you think it deserves a 8.

alexkarkar3d ago

2 out of 10 for me, 3 if i feel generous. the game is a stinking pile of regurgitated shit.

InUrFoxHole3d ago

Lmao... Ren and Stimpy

ChiefofLoliPolice3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Wtf?! Dude your the one that's drunk in your own foxhole...a 8?? Lmao you have lost it. This game is at least a solid 5 maybe even a 6 but it damn sure ain't no 8. 😂

MrChow6663d ago

You are a very dedicated troll, I'll give you that, nive comment history dude...get a life

MrChow6663d ago

@JusttJD0099 Lol you made an account just to troll starfield...that's sad, are you ok?

Notellin3d ago

You're on N4G the most delusional bunch of day laborers and hourly workers out there. Completely useless bunch of people to use for any type of metric other than low functioning statistics.

Angyobangyo3d ago

It’s the user’s score. They are fully entitled to say if they think it’s a 6.5., the same way you think it’s an 8.

What’s with this hive mind nonsense where we all have to be onboard with the same scores. Grow up.

InUrFoxHole3d ago

Who said it had to be an 8?

azizlksa2d ago

hes not drunk he just didnt play it

shinoff21832d ago


How you start your comment off tells me about all I need to know about you.

Notellin1d 4h ago

@shinoff2183 Tell me how I am you don't know anything about me.

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OWCY3d ago

So you play single player games for 2 months?

JusttJD00993d ago

Good ones, yes you can and more importantly want to play for months and months.

But, yeah... if you get Halo, Redfall, Starfield.
Then, It's understandable that you don't play those for 2 months,

MrChow6663d ago

People still play Skyrim...

RaidenBlack3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

The review bombing at Metacritic and the typical comments here at N4G, is pretty much what I expected to happen for Starfield, tbh.
Nothing surprising.
And the cycle will continue once Spider-Man 2 drops. Somethings never change.

EvertonFC3d ago

Most gamers take there time imo and not rush through it in weekend and be done with it. Normally takes me a week then another week for a replay if I liked it enough on a harder difficulty and mop up some trophies.
2 months seems a bit long but I can see a month for those who work long hours etc.

Yui_Suzumiya3d ago

Typically takes a month to get through a lengthy visual novel with multiple routes. Would think a lengthy RPG would take longer.

Z5013d ago (Edited 3d ago )


anast2d ago

I played RDR2 SP for 3 years and I am still playing Cyberpunk.

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Lmao just come out and admit you haven't played Starfield if you're giving it a 6.5. It's just Sony fans review bombing it because they're salty they can't play it, pretty simple concept.

Huey_My_D_Long3d ago

Pretty sad if you can't see why people would give this game a 6.
Its a 6. From everyway I looked at this game its a 6.
Its not because its exclusive, I'd highly recommend other exclusives over this. HiFi Rush, Pentiment, even Sea of theives.
I have a PC and I could get gamepass to play it...My boy did, but I'm not even wasting the data.
But yeah the cities suck ass in Starfield, as well as the AI.
People litterally just go about their day if you pull a gun and just shooot up the place, as long as you don't hit a person its all good. Writing is typical bethesda, meaning really bad.
When half of the post I see loving starfield is about the potential of mods...yeah its because people expected the game to be shit and fixed up like all the rest of Bethesdas titles.

SeTTriP3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

Every major streamer is calling the game trash, I'm glad this turd isn't on Playstation.

Bethesda is an outdated studio I've said as much in a previous post.there's way to many open world option for Bethesda to continue to make the same game with a different coat of has 3 first party open world games Nintendo has Zelda no one needs Bethesda anymore and this was a bad purchase on MS behalf the studio is archaic and irrelevant at best and straight up incompetent at worse.


Soooo you admit to not playing the game.. kinda proving my point here. Anyone who actually has played the game and can prove it wanna throw their input in here or is it just gonna be people blindly hating that haven’t touched the game?

wiz71913d ago

@Omnipotent they didn’t play it along with a lot of ppl on here it seems .. lol they’re just mad it didn’t come to their precious PS5 , like usual when Sony doesn’t get a exclusive. They was praising Bethesda when they released Ghostwire Tokyo and Deathloop when it was an exclusive now suddenly Bethesda plus their games are suddenly trash lmao it’s comical .. I’ve been playing for a few hours and already love the random things that happen plus how open ended the game is , you can pretty much tailor it to how you want the game to turn out.

zeuanimals3d ago

PC master race and huge Bethesda fan here to say... This game is trash and its gonna be the second BGS game I'm never touching. Seems like they seem hellbent on making bland ass games now, whose only purpose is to waste your time with lazily made everything. But hey, atleast they spent 7 years painstakingly modeling all the different types of turds and trinkets you can pick up instead of making actual good quests, dialogue, combat, etc.

I guess I'll wait for Avowed, Obsidian ironically let me down with The Outer Worlds, but atleast their games have some personality still. Bethesda's writing and overall style has become the stuff of Tylenol nightmares. I feel like they purposefully left the planets and world to look as vanilla and boring as possible to encourage modders to remake them into something better. That's great, but they should start making their own games better rather than relying on modders to do it for free.


@Zeuanimals wow another person who didn’t play it with tons of negatives to say about it; how surprising. Play a game before you judge it or don’t play it and don’t judge it. Game still has very positive reviews on metacritic.

VincentVanBro3d ago

Yeah it’s really obvious tbh and pretty pathetic 😕

Z5013d ago (Edited 3d ago )

1. "fans" or fanboys???
2. Can't this game be played on a phone or Steamdeck???